63. Fear of death
63. Fear of death

63. Fear of death

Vienna 3/28/2021

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We are probably all afraid of death, although it is inevitable. In my opinion it is the fear of something unknown, a mystery and the impossibility of returning.

Some people fear the pain of death, others don’t even know what they are really afraid of.

Most of us just don’t want to die. Me too, although I don’t panic when I think of that woman with the scythe.

I love to live with everything good and bad. I also love those bad moments – without them we wouldn’t learn anything in our lives. It is these small, private tragedies that force us to make decisions that we would never think about. Only when there is no sense or no possibility of remaining in the calm of habits do we jump into the abyss of unknown and previously inexperienced situations with our soul on our shoulder.

Then, being afraid of dying, why are we all ready to embark on a dangerous, even suicidal path that will lead to death for many of us?

During yesterday’s protest march in Vienna, a woman who took part had the inscription:

Humanity is about to commit suicide for fear of death.

And that’s how society works today. For reasons that have always existed, the disease that is said to be causing the pandemic has resulted in a disaster of unprecedented proportions. The only thing that has changed is the fear propaganda, which has been repeated over and over again for a year.

There were no new diseases. There are no scientifically proven facts about a dangerous virus. Just this media pandemic of lies that have been artificially fueled in the public media.

Of course, people also die from lung diseases. Didn’t people die two years ago? They just died quietly with no media campaign.

Author: Marek Wojcik

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