64. Vaccination statistics
64. Vaccination statistics

64. Vaccination statistics

Vienna 3/31/2021

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On March 26, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) published Statistics on the side effects of COVID 19 vaccines in Europe. According to these figures, there have been 105,068 cases of serious symptoms across Europe, including 3,350 deaths.

These statistics only contain the officially compiled information on the side effects of the vaccine.

Statistically, this is a small percentage as around 100 million people in Europe have already been vaccinated. The UK tops this ranking with over 30 million people vaccinated. Serious side cases make up “only” 0.1%. Correspondingly fewer deaths.

So what? Will it make people who have lost their sight feel better? Or do the relatives of the deceased feel encouraged to believe that only a small percentage of those vaccinated have died?

We are being misled by politicians and journalists who only speak positively about these vaccinations when they are not really vaccinations.

I would not have brought up this topic if there had been reliable information in the mass media about the advantages and disadvantages of these vaccinations. Unfortunately, today’s work of an official media journalist is very similar to that of the GDR era. Even then, only those who wrote in accordance with the government’s line, precisely according to the guidelines of the SED (Communist Party of Germany) propaganda department, could publish.

Only a well-informed person can make the right decision. Only factual arguments based on real scientific research can make a difference here.

Author: Marek Wojcik

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