209. War rhetoric
209. War rhetoric

209. War rhetoric

Vienna 4/29/2022

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It is time to spread hate and deepen the already huge social divisions created by the plandemic. This hatred divides friends and even close family members. Why have we allowed others to have their own opinions in the past, and now, when we see even a whiff of opinions we hate, do we throw that person in the sack that says “enemy”?

I am Russian. Will you give me your hand?

Why is this form of discussion the rule today and not the exception? Who created a situation where we use insults when we run out of arguments? Who gives us the right to decide whose position to listen to and whose position to oppose without listening to what he is talking about?

Psychology plays a key role here. Most of us choose to act this way rather than admit that we previously had the wrong view. As if going astray – I would call it a search for the truth – was a bad thing. However, almost 80% of all our decisions (according to Brian Tracy) turn out to be wrong afterwards. So making mistakes is a standard situation, so why is it so hard to admit?

Today someone wrote a comment on my article in Polish from 04/01/2020 Forecast. The comment consisted of three words: “You were right.” Yes, it tickled my ego, but believe me, I’d rather not be right.

One definition of human life is that it consists in striving for truth, whatever it may be. Will we get closer to the truth by rejecting Russian propaganda and accepting American one? Both lie all the time.

Although many people accuse me of being pro-Russian, I am not on any side of the conflict. I am for restoring peace and resolving conflicts at the table. I present information in my articles that is hidden in the media – that’s all.

The war, in which one side supplies the enemy with oil, has not shut off the power to the besieged city. And it would be enough to blow up a few power poles. Ukraine buys and pays Russia for oil and gas. Is this what real war looks like? But I think Putin was right when he called this strange phenomenon an emergency operation. Only the victims of this war are real.

Obrazek posiada pusty atrybut alt; plik o nazwie grafik-27.png
For millions of people, war is just another program on TV and there are real people dying on the front lines.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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