52. It starts, the vaccines are there.
52. It starts, the vaccines are there.

52. It starts, the vaccines are there.

Vienna 12/17/2020

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Right now the Austrian media reported – an ORF article in German – that on December 27th a new era of “voluntary” vaccination for the European Union begins.

Some waited with hope for this moment, others with fear.
So as not to scare you too much, I’m going to introduce a milder version of voluntary vaccination.

I’m not going to convince anyone for or against vaccination. Everyone should make this decision for themselves.
Like most of the people I have spoken to on this subject, I am in favor of real freedom in making this decision.

I am not going to write about a new type of vaccine that has not been reliably tested for effectiveness and irreversible changes in genotype in such a short period of time.
If anyone is interested, I recommend the appropriate sources aboat vaccination and against.

However, I would like to consider one argument here. Vaccinated people, regardless of their illness, tend to convince and even force those to get vaccinated.
Aside from the arguments about the effectiveness of the vaccine or any side effects, the question arises: Since these people have self-vaccinated, they are safe from this disease. So why would they want these “unbelievers” to do it too?
Certainly not for your own safety – you are already safe. Perhaps that’s why you should support your own insecure psyche by arguing that “everyone gets vaccinated”?
It’s a psychological problem, not a medical one.

Today, December 18, 2020, I found a video of a nurse from Tennessee in USA, passing out minutes after receiving the vaccine.
It’s not known if the cause was vaccine or carbon dioxide poisoning – a mask. Maybe these two reasons. In any case, the media say that vaccinated people are not exempted from wearing a mask.

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Author: Marek Wojcik

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