170. Physical condition of athletes
170. Physical condition of athletes

170. Physical condition of athletes

Vienna 1/25/2022

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A new article was published today on the Austrian platform tkp.at: Study: How COVID vaccinations impair athletic performance. In the article, author Dr. Peter F. Mayer analyzed a peer-reviewed research study recently published in the Primary Doctor Medical Journal (USA).

For the study, two sports coaches were asked about the performance of their young student athletes. The survey revealed that there are twenty sports students who share the training time with the two coaches. Fifteen of these students are high school students, the rest are younger. The students spoke freely with the coaches about who had been vaccinated and how they were doing afterwards, and who hadn’t been vaccinated. Based on the parents’ decision to vaccinate their children, an experimental group and a control group were formed spontaneously, with neither group being blinded.

A comparative study between the two groups was not planned before or at the time of data collection. The two coaches, speaking on condition of anonymity for all involved, retrospectively observed the following outcomes of the COVID-vaccinated athletes reported in this retrospective study:

  1. None of the vaccinated student athletes returned to their former level of performance; all perform worse than in 2020 according to the assessment of the two coaches;
  2. None of the vaccinated athletes can keep up the same exercises as long as he or she could before the vaccination;
  3. Recovery from exertion was longer in the vaccinated physical education students than before vaccination and longer than in the unvaccinated;
  4. Following the injections, most or all vaccinated physical education students reported one or more of the following post-vaccination reactions:
    • – chest pains;
    • – dizziness;
    • – see stars;
    • – feeling of fainting;
    • – Shortness of breath. The physical education students spoke freely and spontaneously about the above symptoms without anyone taking notes. There was no prompt from coaches to report symptoms.
  5. The unvaccinated girls are now beating vaccinated boys in competition, against whom they did not fare well last year. This change was unexpected and considered unusual by the coaches.

In contrast, the unvaccinated students had none of the above symptoms or deficits in athletic performance or a decrease in athletic endurance as observed by the two coaches, they continue to improve their endurance and performance as expected by the coaches.

If any of you are interested in scientific research into the effects of the “Health Elixir” on this health, I am providing a link from this article to a list of over 1000 such studies.

Healthcare ready to introduce voluntary compulsory vaccinations.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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