47. Information war
47. Information war

47. Information war

Vienna 11/8/2020

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Have you wondered what the US elections described in the previous chapter have to do with the topic of this blog?
Information war is the common denominator.

The vast majority of the US public media is in the hands of the Democrats. Trump’s opponents are the main sponsors or owners of the largest companies in the media industry.
It’s similar here in Europe. Because of this, most of us consider Donald Trump to be a rough cowboy who should take care of cows in Texas…
And yet little is known to us because the media are silent about it, the other side of the coin.
In four years, Trump ended seven wars, most of which were initiated by his predecessor, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Barack Obama.
Do you know a politician who kept all of his election promises? Probably not, but you already know, because the current US President was the only statesman I know does just that.
Sure, I don’t support all of these promises. Maybe I see it too one-sided, but the construction of the wall in the border region with Mexico reminds me too much of a divided Berlin.
However, the way he got the money for it was exceptional!

Despite the media’s announcement of the new president, despite many heads of state around the world congratulating Trump’s opponents on his future presidency, Trump has not yet lost the election.
I wouldn’t advise underestimating this man, many have already.
I am curious to see how many people in Europe know what really happened in the US in connection with these elections?
I fear few. Only those who looked for information on the subject themselves.
This is because there is an information war going on in the public media.

This war didn’t start in March. Manipulation of information is a constant measure of influencing public opinion.
Hardly anyone remembers what was written about Saddam Hussein and his truly inhuman dictatorship.
Does anyone remember the weapons of mass destruction in their armories? Does anyone remember a girl crying at the US Congress in 1990?
It later emerged that it was Nayirah as-Sabah, the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador, who described the “crimes” of Iraqis killing babies in Kuwait. You can find information on this here.
At the time, it was about influencing public opinion to accept the impending attack on Iraq.

It’s an old story you will say. True, but not the only one. During the war in Yugoslavia in the 1990s, public opinion was deliberately turned against the Serbs.
Sure, they weren’t without guilt either, but there were other sides to the conflict.
World opinion, however, was oriented: the Serbs were black and the rest were white. However, life has more colors and shades.

But let’s get back to current events. The outbreak of the media plan in March led to a significant increase in media manipulation.
It continues to this day. We are deliberately misled to trigger the desired behavior.

Today I was at the next peaceful demonstration in Vienna in front of the opera house.
I have prepared two videos of this protest for you. For the first time, the Vienna police broke up a legal demonstration against unjustified restrictions.

Against the Corona madness part 1
Against the Corona madness part 2

This protest was peaceful and no different from the previous ones.
Of course there were different speeches than before, but nothing happened that could give the police a basis for breaking up the demonstration.
Despite the fact that the organizers repeatedly informed the police that the orders of the Austrian authorities had been rejected by the constitutional court in German, Police continued to make participants wear masks…

A team from Austrian ORF television appeared during the demonstration. The protesters began to chant “We are the people”! and the television crew, under unnecessary police protection, withdrew.
This is also the result of the information war.
My website is also involved in this. I have set myself the goal of providing reliable information about which the official media are silent.

Author: Marek Wojcik

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