37. Tombstone
37. Tombstone

37. Tombstone

Vienna 9/23/2020

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On May 15, the German press reported that unknown persons were placing a tombstone in front of Merkel’s constituency office.

In fact, such a tombstone appeared in the city of Stralsund in Vorpommern-Rügen, where the constituency of Angela Merkel is located.
The article communicated indignantly about the event without posting a photo of this tombstone.
I was able to get this photo and make up for this press neglect. Let me show you what it looked like:


On the tombstone you can read:

Freedom of the press
Freedom of speech
Freedom of movement
Freedom of assembly

Yesterday the German press reported on the Federal Cross of Merit for Virologists Drosten because “the Berlin virologist had provided important and globally recognized findings on the corona infection process and communicated this to the public in innovative formats.”.

Mr Drosten made himself known during the 2009 swine flu plan. He was the first to “calculate” and publicly announce how many millions of people would die from this plague.
Even then, the federal government recognized him as the only credible expert.
It was only thanks to the determined action of Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, this joke has been stopped. It ended with the European Parliamentary Committee recognizing swine flu as a minor disease.

In January, Mr. Drosten developed a test based on PCR technology and donated it to the World Health Organization. Because of the “acute situation”, the WHO recommended using this test to diagnose patients. This is how the hysteria known as the coronavirus began.

I would like to emphasize that such a test has not yet been approved and, based on scientific knowledge, can only be used for research purposes. Under no circumstances should it be used for diagnostic purposes.
So far, around 300 PCR tests for coronaviruses have been developed worldwide, which only differ in the code sequence of part of the virus code. However, the code for this supposedly dangerous mutation has not yet been isolated so that such a test could be created.

It was Mr. Drosten who came up with the source in March of fear in the German press.
“It would be expected with 278,000 corona deaths in Germany”
Every country has its own Mr. Drosten

Drosten is the only “expert” that the government, the Chancellor, can trust in the implementation of this plandemic.

In connection with the awarding of the cross to Mr. Drosten, the lyrics of the Falco song a Titanic fall to me:

“The Titanic sinks in panic
But the band played on and on
They all heard the SOS
But no one knew where she had gone
The Titanic sinks in panic
She’ll go down in history
‘Cause the unsinkable Titanic’s
Decadence in mystery”

Author: Marek Wojcik

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