29. Analysis
29. Analysis

29. Analysis

Vienna 7/22/2020

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This is the last chapter before my vacation.
If something unexpected happens, I will also report during vacation.
Otherwise, further news will be compiled from August 9, 2020.

Where have we ended up as a whole world?
Or are we still not there?

I would like to present to you a very good analysis in German total synchronization.
I recommend using the possibility of including English subtitles on foreign-language YouTube videos.
For those who prefer to read the short description instead of watching the entire video, here are some conclusions:

  • Covering corona propaganda in the media. The media very often give the same sentences as someone specified.
  • Choice of words for political speeches. Government officials use identical sentences word for word to convey their corona message.
  • Example, Excerpts from the EU conference (May 4th) led by Ursula von der Leyen. source . Several politicians either memorized the same sentence or read it from a piece of paper or a computer. Like speech dolls. “Diagnosis, therapeutics and vaccinations”. The same politicians are announcing how many millions of tax dollars they will put in the global pot of “diagnosis, therapeutics and vaccinations.”
  • Who writes this text to these people? Who can get these politicians to pass on words like a machine? Didn’t the politicians know about PR?

In the first chapter from March 30th. I wrote: “I am against the claims that a group of people want to take over the world.”
It was my belief at the time. I’m not so sure today.
Sounds like a conspiracy theory? Possible. Please read the Conspiracy practice.
11 facts that prove it is a global conspiracy.
There are also some in a video by Stefan Magnet Total Synchronization, link above.

How can I predict what will happen next?
Our future will be decided soon.
If we allow that, we will be forced into a totalitarian, technocratic system.
Do we really want that? Will we close our eyes when the neighbor is arrested for his statements?
Do we want just one truth that official sources have been tricking us into for four months?
Do we really forego diversity? Just because someone wants it?

I know what I’m talking about. I lived in such a totalitarian system for the first 30 years of my life. I definitely don’t want to experience that again.
And you?

Author: Marek Wojcik

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