18. Bill Gates Foundation Part II
18. Bill Gates Foundation Part II

18. Bill Gates Foundation Part II

Vienna 6/7/2020

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On May 14, MP Sara Cunial asked the Italian Parliament to take Bill Gates to the International Court of Justice.

There are many arguments for this approach:

  1. The enormous influence of Bill Gates on the WHO. This year alone, he paid over $ 50 million to this organization. If someone wants to check this, I recommend the Foundation link given in the previous chapter.
  2. Bill Gates fights for the depopulation of the earth depopulation of the earth. According to Bill Gates, the spread of vaccines will help reduce humanity by 10-15%.
  3. Bill Gates warned the world about a pandemic five years ago.
  4. Bill Gates Impfkampagne in Indien 2014 Deaths.
  5. Organization of a conference of pandemic, finance and PR specialists in October 2019 – Event 201.
    An outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has been practiced. Great emphasis was placed on controlling the mass media and restricting the publication of opinions that differ from those of the Bill Gates Foundation.
  6. A series of statements by Bill Gates about the enormous risk of an uncontrolled spread of the virus in the world. Targeted scaremongering.

Coincidence? Maybe, but six cases are enough to start an investigation. Especially when the fate of the world is at stake…

A fairly objective view of Bill Gates’ career history.
We have the seventh case here, the business methods used by Bill Gates.

Author: Marek Wojcik

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