102. Australian winters
102. Australian winters

102. Australian winters

Vienna 8/26/2021

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Once I had the idea to spend half a year in Europe and the other half in the southern hemisphere, e.g. in Australia, so that I always have summer. I even met a man who put this idea into practice. I haven’t appreciated summer and heat for a long time, and winter, although many don’t believe it, also has its charms.

NoCovid’s policy in Australia is that if there is only one C19 positive person, the entire region will be closed. If someone violates the quarantine rules, they are locked in a camp behind barbed wire.

One example is now shocking the global public. In June, for example, a young man who was returning to Australia from Belgium to see his dying mother was forced to charter his own plane in order to comply with Australia’s insane Covid-19 rules. The young man protested with a hunger strike, and the mother later died alone in the hospital. Other similar cases are also reported.

By the way, dogs are shot in animal shelters so that they are not picked up by animal lovers. Because these could also endanger the staff of the animal shelter. The Australian quarantine internment camps have been causing criticism in the international media for months. Incidentally, anyone who breaks the quarantine requirements there is immediately put out to the public with a photo and name to be searched. The police then chase people down like terrorists. The situation in New Zealand is particularly blatant. There, after a single (!) Covid infection with the Delta variant becomes known, the Prime Minister calls on the population to stop talking to the neighbors.

The Howard Springs quarantine facility was originally a village for oil and gas workers.

It is unquestionably true that in a pandemic, great efforts are necessary to prevent deaths and serious illnesses. But an extreme policy aimed entirely at controlling the disease harbors the risk that a political system will emerge that is incompatible with our basic values – and which in the end produces more suffering and more victims than a pandemic could ever do in a modern and open society.

Welt – German newspaper writes about it.. In New South Wales, the city council decided to shoot more than a dozen dogs from the shelter as citizens willing to care for them could infect shelter personnel. Now that we have reached such inhumanity, what stands in the way of shooting people who were sentenced to execution by this nonsensical test?

The author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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