563. Analysis of post-vaccination death
563. Analysis of post-vaccination death

563. Analysis of post-vaccination death

Vienna 11/02/2023

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The official UK mortality data published in August 2023 is the main document on which the analysis of the impact of the COVID19 vaccination campaign is based.

The UK appears to be the only country in the world to provide complete data on all-cause mortality by vaccination status for the population. This makes it possible to estimate the benefit-risk balance of Covid mRNA. Quote from the article: UK is the only country to show complete mortality data on the benefit-risk balance of Covid vaccination. Source.

I realize that few readers are interested in a detailed analysis of statistics. For those curious, here is the official source where you can download an Excel file with the raw data on which this analysis is based.

The most dramatic comparison was between the mortality rates of unvaccinated people and those who took four doses of Elixir for the 18-39 age group. Six times as many young people died after four doses compared to unvaccinated people.

Transparenztest.de and D. Menzel, Sources: ONS raw data 05/2022-05/2023, Age-standardised deaths in youngest age group 18-39 years. All causes: unvaccinated versus vaccinated.

These statistics do not take into account the cause of death. There are people here who have died from accidents or illnesses that have nothing to do with the pandemic at all. These numbers show the survival probability of different age groups depending on how many doses of the experimental drug were taken or not. These data do not show individual death tragedies. It’s always like that. Numbers have no feelings. Therefore, they are both cruel and objective.

Transparenztest.de and D. Menzel, Sources: ONS Raw Data 05/2022-05/2023, Age-standardised deaths by four age groups 18-69 years. All causes: unvaccinated versus vaccinated.

This graph shows population-adjusted death rates for unvaccinated people compared to people vaccinated with 1, 2, 3, or 4 doses of vaccine. Conclusion: In all age groups, more people who have been vaccinated against Covid die than those who have not been vaccinated. The numbers for the group of quadruple vaccinated people will continue to rise. The four doses were spread over time, i.e. H. the last and fourth doses were administered recently and information about deaths enters the statistics with a long delay.

Someone in the British Isles must have interfered with the publication of this data, because the ONS (Office for National Statistics) announced that it would cease further publication of such statistics with immediate effect.

What matters is not who is sick, but who counts the sick.

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Author of the article: Marek Wojcik
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