510. There are no diseases
510. There are no diseases

510. There are no diseases

Vienna 08/22/2023

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The statement attributed to Albert Einstein that the phenomena of cold and darkness do not exist causes much controversy, especially among people for whom physics at school was an uncomfortable burden to overcome. “How can you say that there is no cold when we are freezing”? The definition of cold as the absence of heat is not a formal definition of the phenomenon. We intuitively believe that cold is something concrete because we can feel it. You cannot define something by the scarcity or lack of a predefined amount, as in this case of heat.

So what is: do we have cold or don’t we?

We really have a lot of it. For example, vacuum is defined as a state without matter, darkness as the absence of light, peace as the absence of war, and disease as the absence of health. And here we come to the real topic of today’s article. In the Wikipedia (WHO definition) Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity. A perfect example of a snake choking on its tail. What not to do when you are hungry?

The term “health” largely eludes definition, apart from the World Health Organization’s (WHO) vague phrase about a state of complete well-being. Quote from an article on aerzteblatt.de. Source. The publisher of aerzteblatt.de is the German Medical Association, the official body of the German Minister of Health, Mr. Lauterbach. Article written by Prof. Dr. have. medical dr Phil. Klaus Dörner from Hamburg is an analysis of the development directions of modern medicine. Perhaps the most shocking thing for some in this article is this statement:

Competition forces you to open up new markets. The goal must be the transformation of all healthy people into sick people, i.e. into people who, if possible, consider themselves chemically, physically and psychologically to be manipulated by experts therapeutically, rehabilitatively and preventively for the rest of their lives in order to be able to “live healthily”. This works quite well in the area of ​​physical illnesses, but even better in the area of ​​mental disorders, especially since there is no shortage of theories according to which almost all people are not healthy.

Surprised? But with what? This is a logical conclusion that emerges from the analysis of the current situation in medicine over the last hundred years.

So there is no disease because there is no definition of disease. This “head in the sand” will rightly anger millions, if not billions of people who suffer from the coordinated efforts of the pharmaceutical, medical and industrial sectors to poison our food. Do you want to say: Once upon a time there were also sick people! you were But why are there so many more today? Although there are more people in the world, the relative number of cases has also increased disproportionately.

The increase in life expectancy attributed to medicine may well be due to improvements in sanitation in many countries around the world and the widespread use of bathtubs and refrigerators. The high life expectancy stands in clear contradiction to the depopulation efforts of the globalists. A further increase in mortality is therefore to be expected.

I chose the countries for the above chart myself. However, China and India were absent from the list of the world’s two largest populations, although they were previously available.

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Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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