492. Fact-Checkers
492. Fact-Checkers

492. Fact-Checkers

Wroclaw/Poland 07/26/2023

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In an interview with the investigative Internet platform Hoch2 – committed to the truth, Heiko Schoening reports that many so-called fact-checkers are hired and paid by intelligence agencies to hinder investigative work. Source.

Readers of this blog already know the German doctor Heiko Schöning. I have mentioned him in several articles including Hyde Park and 20 Years Ago.

Who are the so-called fact checkers? They appear in the mainstream media, on platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and others, providing incompetent “proof” that people who claim otherwise than the mainstream media are wrong. These young people do it haphazardly and mostly rely on “facts” from the press or bought ones – not from them, of course, but from relevant NGOs. – “Scientific Research”.

How do you protect yourself from the panic spread by the media and politicians? Preferably through information from free media independent of globalists. Of course, the latter have no license to tell the truth – they too can be wrong. However, when we learn about possible explanations for complicated socio-political processes that differ from official propaganda, we can evaluate and choose our own interpretations that do not necessarily agree with this intrusive propaganda.

I, too, went through a slow process of awakening from the propaganda bubble a quarter of a century ago. During the Yugoslav war, I was convinced that the black-and-white television picture was the explanation for the processes that defined that war. Only direct contact and my visit to besieged Sarajevo enabled me to take a more comprehensive look behind the scenes of such conflicts.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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