486. Betrayed and abandoned
486. Betrayed and abandoned

486. Betrayed and abandoned

Vienna 07/13/2023

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Fifteen years ago in Bucharest, Ukraine was promised more than it is now at the NATO summit in Vilnius. They were empty words that weren’t even promises. If the conditions are met and all NATO members agree… that’s a big NOTHING!

As expected from the USA, the Democratic Party also manages to preserve traditions. Suffice it to recall how Poland was treated in Yalta in February 1945. The end of the US war in Vietnam, Afghanistan. Few people have benefited from friendship with the CIA. For the US, politics is first and foremost business and everything is subordinate to it. And now that the Biden administration is facing strong opposition in Congress to funding this proxy war in Ukraine, it is leaving its favorite — an average actor from Kiev — out in the rain to get out of this botched dispute that has claimed so many lives has.

A lonely white sail.

I am sure that the President of Ukraine, if he was attentive at school, surely knows this poem by Mikhail Lermontov and learned it in his native Russian language.

The Sail
Gleams white a solitary sail
In the haze of the light blue sea.—
What seeks it in countries far away?
What in its native land did leave?

The mast creaks and presses,
The wind whistles, the waves are playing;
Alas! It does not seek happiness,
Nor from happiness is fleeing!

Beneath, the azure current flows,
Above, the golden sunlight streaks:—
But restless, into the storm it goes,
As if in storms there is peace!

1832 Source.

It is strange that today one must have the courage to quote poems by Russian poets! From an early age I learned to distinguish between hatred for the totalitarian system imposed by the Moscow regime in Poland and several European countries and respect for the Russian nation and culture. Seemingly simple, but for the supporters of the “Russian troll” theory it seems unacceptable. The latter are probably convinced that Lermontov, who was born in 1814 and died in 1841, personally gave me a purse with rubles to distribute his poems.

We are witnessing the beginning of the end of the acting career in the presidency. Starring in the salons of the world will no longer remain so…

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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