473. The secret shadow government
473. The secret shadow government

473. The secret shadow government

Vienna 06/18/2023

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May 18-21, 2023, the annual Bilderberg conference took place, as usual remote from the public. Little known guests quickly rise to high key positions after attendance. This documentary gives a deep insight into the circles of the Bilderberg Group: Who are the heads of this secret club? What exactly do they plan? Who were the top favorites this year? Source.

This conspiratorial group is named after the Dutch hotel “de Bilderberg” near Arnhem in the Netherlands. There, on May 29, 1954, the first meeting of this group took place.

Hotel Bilderberg.

You can see the full list of participants for this year’s meeting in Lisbon. The very existence of this group was kept secret for a long time. Secret conversations for the good of mankind – this is how these meetings are briefly described by the participants themselves. Billions of “vaccines” against a fictitious pandemic have been circulated for the benefit of mankind. Speaking of “vaccines” – the President of Pfizer, Mr. Albert Bourla, is of course also invited to the capital of Portugal. Had he brought new preparations with him and was he looking for a suitable disease?

Wikipedia removed the entry about the conspiracy. Just three years ago, the definition of a conspiracy according to Wikipedia was as follows: Conspiracy – a secret agreement by a group of people to achieve a specific goal. Every year for the past 69 years, a group of people have met in secret to achieve the goal of world domination. So we are dealing with a conspiracy – on a global scale. The participants themselves have repeatedly confirmed this. These statements are quoted in the video above, in the description of which you will find links to these controversial statements.

David Rockefeller, the founder of this group, put it this way in his memoirs: Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal that works against the best interests of the United States. They designate me and my family as ‘internationalists’ and conspirators who collaborate with others worldwide in order to build up a more integrated global political and economical structure – One world you could say. If these are the accusations then I plead guilty and I am proud of it.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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