472. Facebook censorship
472. Facebook censorship

472. Facebook censorship

Vienna 06/16/2023

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The interview given a week ago by the founder and owner of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, Mark Zuckerberg, has already been viewed by over 3 million people on YouTube. This interview was conducted by Lex Fridman, an American computer scientist of Russian descent who researched artificial intelligence while working at Google. The topic of AI – artificial intelligence – runs through this interview. Most interesting to me was Zuckerberg’s testimony about censorship during the “plague.”

An excerpt from a YouTube interview. Source.

There was enough time to organize a several-thousand-strong group of so-called fact-checkers to arbitrarily judge what was true and what wasn’t. However, there was not enough time to fully test several scientific assumptions. The fact-checkers had pre-established views that did not agree with the official account. Let’s not get science involved here, because we will always find scientific statements that often contradict each other. Such is the nature of science, the essential feature of which is the constant struggle for truth. dispute over arguments.

Under intense pressure from the US government through the FBI, Facebook implemented a variety of technical prohibition and intimidation measures on a large scale.

I often received such messages from Facebook administrators:

“Your post violates our standards.”

Several times I was prevented from entering anything on Facebook. Mostly for a week. And now I’m finding out from the boss himself that my breaking Facebook standards was by writing discussions or truthful texts.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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