464. Reading in the coffee grounds
464. Reading in the coffee grounds

464. Reading in the coffee grounds

Vienna 06/03/2023

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Reading another article with the upcoming date of the beginning of World War III, I wonder how naïve one must be to still believe such speculations? More than three years have passed since the outbreak of World War III, a war that the WHO – the World Health Organization – has declared on the world.

Many people are still stuck in the dogma of a two-country war for territorial gains. The current war is completely different from previous wars. State borders are irrelevant. Why? Because for globalists neither borders nor national identities play a role. The party that caused this long-prepared war can go by different names. Next to globalists and plutocrats, the most appropriate term in my opinion is “deep state”.

As in every world war, we are dealing with weapons of mass destruction:

Estimated number of victims worldwide: 13 million.
Poverty. Estimated number of victims worldwide: 500 million families.

Based upon information which came to me discreetly via postal mail, I have concluded that World War 3 can kick-off in less than two weeks, between the dates of June 12 thru 24. This is how the author of the article justifies his “prophecy” in a well-founded way. I am also the addressee of the “Discrete Mail” and on that basis I announce the end date of World War III in two years – that is, in the summer of 2025. A deadline is as good as any other, although I would definitely prefer it if it were would be earlier.

The NATO air exercises, even if they are the largest in the history of this putative defense pact, will not change that. Putin is not intimidated by maneuvers with airplanes. He has plenty of them in stock. If NATO were planning an escalation of the war, it would certainly, as it did more than a year ago, provoke the Russians and then use morally questionable propaganda.

When Putin launched his military operation, which is unmistakably a war, after an ignored ultimatum last February, champagne corks popped in Washington. The provocation was successful. What followed was merely a media exploitation of the effects of this provocation.

Of what use is it to us to know when the war began? For example, we could get a slingshot to fight drones:

Source Telegram 06/23/2023 12:05.

Don’t let fear rule us. At some point we all have to die anyway. The most important thing is to live this period until death honestly and with dignity, without unnecessary panic. A sense of humor, even that of an executioner, helps a lot.

NASA plans to find and destroy the Pioneer 10 probe they sent into space 50 years ago. Apparently, the prevailing conspiracy theory among aliens is that people living on Earth have only two genders.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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