462. Interrupted concert
462. Interrupted concert

462. Interrupted concert

Vienna 05/31/2023

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George Roger Waters world famous musician, co-founder of the Pink Floyd band (1965 – 1985). As a peace advocate, he not only achieved fame as an artist, but also in connection with his political commitment against totalitarianism. Speaking at the UN Security Council session on March 8, 2023, he said he believed the Russian operation in Ukraine was provoked and condemned the provocateurs. He also urged Biden, Putin and Zelenskyy to agree on a ceasefire and change course. Last year his name was added to Ukraine’s death list.

Mainstream propaganda has targeted him with the absurd claims that he is a Nazi supporter. Evidence of this is the leather jacket he wore when playing a role in a theatrical episode he arranged during his concert.

On Sunday there was a concert in Frankfurt where, in addition to great music, he briefly explained his position on the unrelenting smear campaign.

You can see his very emotional speech in the following video:

Roger Waters at a concert in the Frankfurt Festhalle on May 28, 2023.

Roger Waters is one of the few artists who has the courage to fight for a better world against those who would rather have a worse one. His exceptional artistic output would certainly be enough to live in prosperity while being recognized by his fans, of which I am one.

It takes a lot of self-confidence to endure the avalanche of hate, insults and fabricated accusations. That’s how decent and valuable people get done. Particularly sensitive artists are exposed to such attacks. Maybe just stick a note on your forehead that says: “I’m not a Nazi”? It’s certainly not a good method, but do you know of a better one that will restore the good name lost to such a dishonest campaign?

Above all, humility. Pink Floyd legend Roger Waters, 80, was spotted mingling with the crowd while riding the New York City subway.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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