451. Long planned games
451. Long planned games

451. Long planned games

Vienna 05/16/2023

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In my October 2020 article I wrote about Paul Schreyer’s book Chronicle of an announced crisis. How a virus could change the world. In this book, the author described the chronology of the historically documented actions that led to the launch of a pseudo-pandemic state around the world in March 2020. Today I present to you a talk by this author in which he talks about plans to introduce a pandemic.

In his lecture, journalist and author Paul Schreyer traces the development of terror from 1990 to 2020, explaining that the current Corona crisis is no coincidence, but was preceded by long planning. The starting signal for the worldwide spread of terror was 9/11, which was declared as the “war on terrorism” and consequently pushed forward until the current global Corona crisis. Source.

From the lecture, which was published in February 2021, more than two years ago, you will learn how a pandemic was initiated worldwide that was actually a staged orgy of a fear pandemic. The historical analysis covers the last 30 years. After the collapse of the USSR, the top American military lacked an enemy that could justify high arms spending.

Colin Powell, the highest military officer in the USA in 1991 and thus also the president’s top military adviser, said in a somewhat sarcastic undertone, but meant seriously: “I’m running out of devils, I’m running out of villains, I’ve only got left Castro and Kim Il Sung.” Castro was then the President of Cuba and Kim Il Sung was the President of North Korea. Source.

Therefore, it was necessary to create new “devils” – the choice fell on the terrorists. During the Cold War, both sides of the Iron Curtain, both the US and the USSR, actively supported and created terrorist structures. Moscow also trained the RAF in Poland and the GDR – a left-wing terrorist formation that operated primarily in West Germany. The US, in turn, “bred” the Taliban—literally, students—in Pakistan to fight against USSR forces that occupied Afghanistan in the 1980s.

Terrorists have been very useful as potential “perpetrators” of attacks. I will not summarize this interesting interview here. At this point I would like to draw attention to the concept of state terrorism, in which the governments of some countries support terrorism. It is difficult to describe Israel’s actions in occupied Palestine in any other way. It was similar after the bloody conquest of Iraq in 2003 or the support of the Islamic State during the war in Syria. The fight against terrorism assumes that terrorists will somehow obtain weapons that have long been manufactured by the US or other powers for terrorist purposes.

The photo is from the BuGaSi website.

A portion of the funds transferred to the Pentagon would be enough to eliminate the problem of terrorism. A mere economic strengthening of countries in which justified hatred is spawning more and more terrorist battalions would remove the basis for such a development. Yet the US needs terrorism to justify its military spending and the imperialist ambitions of its politicians. Donald Trump did not want such a policy and therefore had to “lose” the 2020 election.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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