83. Homo Libertatis
83. Homo Libertatis

83. Homo Libertatis

Vienna 6/3/2021

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The alarm rang. The awareness of the new day returns. Today is going to be an important day. It’s Saturday and we’ve announced a big demonstration.

I am registered as a speaker in the stands. Subject: Child protection from medical experiments. I have to read the text again and correct it. Every word is important. A quick breakfast and I’ll turn on my computer. So much has been said that it is not easy to find something original.

I still have to go shopping in the morning. There can be problems because I never put this rag on my face.

And there were problems. They weren’t sellers, but my neighbor started a fight in the store. He called me selfish egoists with no solidarity. I am a threat to all human beings. In my opinion, the lack of a mask isn’t a threat here. My attitude threatens to collapse his views. That is what he fears most. Hence, it is immune to all logical and scientific arguments. Well, I am and will not be anyone’s therapist. I bought what I wanted.

A dictatorship is a state in which everyone is afraid of a man and a man of everyone.

I’m going to a demonstration. I already feel this energy that accompanies such events. When thousands of people like you and me come together to protest an open crime. Later we will see on TV that we are extreme nationalists or right-wing extremists. Such an insane narrative, contrary to the direct experience of reality, is intended to discourage those who have not yet experienced it live from participating in such demonstrations. The rest is lost to the regime anyway.

I step into the stands, my heart beats as always in situations like this. I will probably never get over my nervousness. It’s good that I practiced my speech at home. Now I am fluent and can see the interest in my audience’s eyes. “Let’s not let our children inject unknown drugs. The first death of vaccinated children must be a warning to parents. I know you want the best for her. Do not allow yourself to have to take care of paralyzed or blind children for your entire life.”

I know this affects the emotions, but how else can you convince parents not to harm their sole dependent children? On the other hand, we are dealing with a huge propaganda machine that uses everything to increase the sales of the vaccine companies.

I got a lot of applause and a few whistles. I am satisfied with myself. I act according to my knowledge and my convictions. I feel happy and fulfilled.

The author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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