5. Why is there no explanation for such drastic measures?
5. Why is there no explanation for such drastic measures?

5. Why is there no explanation for such drastic measures?

Vienna 4/9/202

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I am not surprised by the attitude of the governments of most countries in the world.
By definition, they have to show the public that they are in control of everything. First of all, so that no one can accuse them of sitting idly while the world is overwhelmed by the “terrible virus.”
The problem is that they accepted this threat without evidence. They listened to the experts.
I’m not saying that most experts are involved in the deliberate expansion of the fear pandemic.
I don’t think someone bribed them either.
This is not necessary at all, since everyone assumed without proof that the virus is the cause of death for people who died from other diseases and that antibodies of this “monster” have been detected.

All that was needed was a couple of hot reports from “scientific research on the victims of the virus.”
You didn’t even have to prove that the virus was attacking the lungs, you just had to write it that way.
I suspect that this harmless virus spread around the world a few years ago. There are no symptoms, so who would be interested in them beforehand?
Some were found. They had the idea of making a fortune out of fear that would unleash itself.

The world is already in recession. This excludes offenders from other industries.
Why do I suspect some pharmaceutical companies as perpetrators of this psychosis of fear?
There are mutliple reasons for this.

At this point, I would like to point out that I am convinced that there are drug manufacturers, although probably only a few, that do not use such morally questionable methods.

These are the reasons:

  • The pharmaceutical industry is the greatest beneficiary of an anxiety pandemic.
  • Pharmaceutical companies have years of experience in manipulating public opinion.
  • In many countries, they have a significant impact on decisions made by bribed politicians in the Ministry of Health.
  • Have the manipulation of “scientific” research in the blood. Example: wrong research on cholesterol in 1984. I am referring to the book Uffe Ravnskov “the Cholesterol Myth.”
  • Have sufficient knowledge to disseminate information about “threat.”
  • Have gained experience from a failed attempt to trigger a swine flu epidemic in 2009.
  • People involved in pharmaceutical matters are consultants to the World Health Organization.
  • You have most of the media in your hands. If not directly, then through economic pressure. The text of this article has no chance of being published in the mainstream media.

Who exactly is behind it?
I don’t know This is a task for Interpol. She could take care of it, but apparently isn’t interested.

Author: Marek Wojcik

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