4. What’s next?
4. What’s next?

4. What’s next?

Vienna 4/1/2020

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My guess:

somewhere in the world, there are several series production plants in which the vaccine or drug dexamethasone, which is unknown to anyone, is produced at full steam.
In half a year, most countries in the world will spend billions of dollars trying to buy world-saving funds and finally end this nightmare.

But what changes then?
Well, for about the next 10 years, no one will threaten the whole world with killing creatures.
Nothing will change in the number of dead people.

There will be “only” deaths, an estimated 400,000 worldwide, caused by the side effects of the new “miracle” vaccine.

But whatever? We have finally defeated a terrible pandemic that has cost 43 thousand lives to this day!
People who died as a result of a completely different illnesses.

Well, Forbes will have to change, in the first place, its list of the richest people in the world.

If you have no idea what something is about, then it is about the money.

We are dealing with well-planned and implemented criminal activities on a global level.

In your opinion, what does the WHO ask young people to be careful about, as there are deaths from the virus (and where is the evidence?), including children?
Is it the detection of the presence of antibodies? It doesn’t prove anything!
Child deaths have always occurred and are used today to deepen the already very strong fear.

There are a few countries that ignore this artificial panic. In these countries, it can later be shown that there was no epidemic apart from fear.
It is enough to show that the mortality rate in these countries has not increased this year.
No excuse from government officials such as “thanks to our rigorous measures, we were able to prevent the worst.”
They say that even the actual death rate hardly differs from statistically estimated this year.

Author: Marek Wojcik

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