360. Anniversary
360. Anniversary

360. Anniversary

Vienna 01/18/2023

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On Friday it was a year since the Austrian Parliament passed the law on compulsory vaccination against Covid19 thanks to the votes of all parties except the FPÖ. This obligation applied to all adults residing in Austria, regardless of their nationality. A maximum fine of €3,600 has also been set for violations of the law.

An unprecedented wave of strikes and demonstrations in Austria led to the parliament suspending the implementation of this law in order to transfer it to the history books in the summer of 2022. It will certainly be found in the section of the charter entitled Shame.

Voluntary compulsory vaccination.

Last week, mainstream CNN ran an interview that a month ago would have been hailed as conspiracy propaganda.

Statements like (source):

  • Dr Leana Wen says the number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 may be greater than the number of people actually dying from the virus;
  • Experts say patients hospitalized for other illnesses may also test positive for COVID-19, but the virus may not have contributed to their deaths;
  • Wen says counting can lead to inaccurate reports, making people more concerned or skeptical about the true effects of the virus;
  • Studies have been conducted to more precisely link the serious illness caused by COVID;
  • Obtaining accurate data has important implications for predicting hospital capacity and evaluating vaccine efficacy

it would be difficult to call them groundbreaking, but they nonetheless indicate a shift from a pro-Covid narrative to a more critical one.

Better late than never, you might think, but I wrote about this over two years ago! Am I a better journalist than these professionals? I only doubt it. I became a journalist by accident three years ago, when I began to passionately search for the truth. And truth was sorely lacking among professional journalists, especially since March 2020. Even if it wasn’t for the best before. I would like to emphasize here that not all journalists were bribed. I was always against such generalizations.

When a previously healthy young person has medical problems related to the heart, you must not ask about the status of his vaccinations. This question may only be asked in important situations.

For example, before entering a restaurant.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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