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Vienna 12/22/2022

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Like earlier when Brezhnev came to Poland, he exchanged kisses with the first secretary of the Polish Communist Party – Gierek – at the train station, so the American president greets the Ukrainian leader in a more modern style:

I could say that Biden just didn’t know what he was doing while under the influence of dementia, but since both gentlemen aren’t my favorites I’ll leave that judgment to the readers.

At a press conference, Biden confused Ukrainians with Iranians. The President of Ukraine also did not do well during the speech, while the interpreter made a mistake and used the word “crime” instead of the word “country”: I hope Congress will approve financial aid for our crimes.

This was probably the first time he played himself in public, and not a scholarly role. Zelenskyy flew from Warsaw to the USA. I wonder if he can return to Kyiv before the Belarusian army cuts off Ukraine’s western border along the entire Ukrainian-Polish border. These are apparently plans to cut off overland arms shipments from Poland to Ukraine.

100,000 Belarusian soldiers are ready to attack and are just waiting for an order. It is unlikely that the Ukrainian army could afford a two-front war, even with the support of British, Polish or Romanian forces. To this end, Putin visited Belarus President Lukashenko.

Thanks America, send the rest to the account. Source: Telegram 12/23/2022 00:12 pm.
Are you the scary dragon everyone in the county is talking about? Yes, I have a good press officer.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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