333. Forgive crimes?
333. Forgive crimes?

333. Forgive crimes?

Vienna 12/06/2022

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In order to forgive, it is necessary to admit the guilt of those asking for forgiveness. As long as they ask. They can only forgive on their own behalf. You can forgive the killer, but it is always your forgiveness, not the victims or other people who suffered from the crime. And that is not the same as justifying criminals. Forgiveness is needed for the victim, more than for the perpetrator, to reduce the level of psychological suffering associated with that trauma. Therefore, each of us has the right to forgive. But nobody has the right to forget. We owe it to those who did not survive the genocide of the past two years.

Emily Oster, an American economics professor at Brown University in Rhode Island, published an article in late October 2022: Let’s declare a pandemic amnesty. A year ago she tweeted:

In the summer, in July, the German police – of course with the support of a corrupt judge – arrested and detained the founder of the grassroots movement of protests against violations of fundamental rights under the pretext of the plandemic, Michael Ballweg, and are still detaining him to this day. Ballweg initiated a movement in Stuttgart Querdenker, that is commonly known as lateral thinkers. He was accused of embezzling citizen contributions that were paid to the Querdenker movement.

Michael Ballweg.

Thanks to his initiative, two large-scale demonstrations involving millions were organized in Berlin in August 2020. No wonder the German state apparatus is now taking revenge on him. Why am I writing about this in an article on forgiveness? Well, his lawyer Ralf Ludwig addressed this issue on Telegram 4.12.22 23:45. You can read this text translated into English in this document.

The weak never forgive. Forgiveness is a sign of strength.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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