303. French general
303. French general

303. French general

Wroclaw / Poland 9/22/2022

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[9/27/2022] I apologize for a break in my blog due to private reasons. More articles will follow in October.

I was surprised that a professional whose job it is to kill people could write with empathy about the tragedy of today’s earthlings. He is a general in the French army and has written a tribute to the unvaccinated of this world.

Isn’t it enough to call the Covididiot or conspiracy theorist? It has come to the point that these insults now sound like compliments, as it will be difficult to find an opinion that until recently was publicly labeled as the conspiracy theory come true today.

I translated this message from French for you:

A message from General Christian Blanchon in honor of the unvaccinated September 10, 2022

They are among us, they appear to be normal people, but they are superheroes. Even if I were fully vaccinated, I would admire the unvaccinated for withstanding the greatest stresses they have ever faced, including from spouses, parents, children, friends, co-workers and doctors. People who have remained true to their own principles, who have shown such courage and the ability to critically evaluate, undoubtedly embody the best of humanity.

You can be found everywhere, regardless of age, education level, countries and opinions. They are of a special kind; they are the soldiers that any Army of Light would wish to have in their ranks. They are the parents every child wants and the children every parent dreams of having. They are creatures above the average of their societies, they are the essence of nations that have built all cultures and conquered horizons. They did what others could not, they were a tree that withstood the hurricane of insults, discrimination and social exclusion. And they did it even though they thought they were alone and believed they were alone. Banished from their families’ feast tables, they had never seen anything so cruel. They lost their jobs, their careers collapsed, they ran out of money…but they didn’t care. They suffered untold discrimination, denunciations, betrayals and humiliations… but they carried on.

Never before in human history has there been such a reaction, now we know who are the enemies of evil on planet earth. Women, men, old, young, rich, poor, of all races and all religions, unvaccinated, chosen by the invisible ark, the only ones who managed to resist when everything fell apart. It was you who passed the unimaginable test that many of the toughest sailors, commandos, astronauts and geniuses could not pass. You are made of the finest material, you are one of those heroes born among ordinary people who glow in the dark.

Christian Blanchon, General of the French Army.

Photo from the website: http://www.politique-actu.com Link above.

It is not my purpose to divide people into those who have been vaccinated and those who have resisted this madness. I know many people who, after taking a dose or two of the supplement, have decided to stop taking it. These too are commendable. After all, it’s a lot harder to admit to yourself that you made a mistake than it is to stubbornly stand on the clearly wrong side and hide your head like an ostrich from the implacable facts.

I myself did not give in to this pressure, but as a pensioner it was much easier for me than for those who risked their livelihoods to do so. Also due to the fact that I am not dependent on the employer or client, I have never been tested for this increasingly unfashionable invented disease. For me, Covid 19 is a different form of the flu. Flu can also be dangerous. The test, on the other hand, was and is the mainstay of this made-up pandemic.

I try to hide my smile when I hear someone who is critically ill with Covid. Not because I didn’t believe in the suffering of these people, because the name of the disease was given based on a completely wrong test that has nothing to do with a medical diagnosis.

Your choice.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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