293. Dutch farmers protest
293. Dutch farmers protest

293. Dutch farmers protest

Vienna 9/09/2022

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The violent protests by farmers in the Netherlands, which have been going on for months, are becoming more and more turbulent. The secret “police” make arrests, which is far more common in authoritarian dictatorships than in Western “liberal democracies”. An article was published on the American independent platform BeckerNews about arrests carried out in broad daylight by masked civilians.

In Amsterdam, public footage has surfaced that appears to show undercover police officers violently arresting a civilian. The undercover operation reveals a disturbing escalation in state action against the the Dutch farmer protesters.

Additional footage corroborates that uniform police intervened to assist with the undercover operation.

Secret police agitators, dubbed “Romeo” by the protesters, have been appearing on the streets of Amsterdam, often easily identifiable by the fact that they are wearing Covid masks on the street.

At the beginning of August, the Dutch police crackdown on the demonstrators was at its most brutal.

“Dutch farmers have formed ‘freedom convoys’ to protest their government’s strict environmental rules,” citizen journalist and podcast host Jules noted in a Twitter thread. “The tractor convoys are a nod to Canada’s Freedom Convoys.”

“The demonstrations are so widespread that Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger gave a shout-out to the farmers in Dutch during an Amsterdam concert,” she added while citing Fox News.

The farmers themselves have often been cordial and hospitable, even to police officers. The ‘freedom convoy’ protests are a form of non-violent resistance to oppose what the farmers view as injustice.

In addition to reports of the Dutch police’s aggressive response against the farmers and their backers protesting the climate regulations, there have been videos of police attacking journalists at the protests.

Sieta van Keimpema, the Farmers Defense Force (FDF) secretary, was questioned in July on the FDF’s tactics, which include setting fire to hay bales, blockading thoroughfares with tractors and heavy machinery, blocking on-ramps with mounds of soil, and smeared manure outside the home of the agriculture minister.

The Dutch government’s strategy fits perfectly with Klaus Schwab’s tactics of cutting global food supplies to speed up his Great Reset dream, as detailed in Klaus Schwab’s book “COVID-19: A Great Reset”:

In one way or another, the risks of greater instability or even chaos will also have repercussions for wealthier countries. One of the most obvious domino effects of economic misery, discontent and hunger in the most fragile and poorest states affecting the richer parts of the world will be a new wave of mass migration in their direction, like that which took place in Europe in 2016.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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