278. Transhumanism
278. Transhumanism

278. Transhumanism

Vienna 8/20/2022

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The issue of transhumanism is present in non-mainstream discussions and rightly so emotional. I found a video on the Spanish website Comusav.com about the possibility of connecting a smartphone to a person who has taken the elixir of happiness, or has “only” been tested for this already outdated disease – Covid19. Don’t worry, I haven’t discovered the possibility of eavesdropping on other people’s thoughts yet, but with the help of a standard mobile phone you can also find the electronic address of the vaccinated person on the list of nearby Bluetooth signal sources.

Video shows people being tested after receiving an experimental dose of mRNA. It turns out that such people appear on Bluetooth receivers and have their own, albeit frequently changing, MAC address. Such an address is used in computer networks to uniquely identify a device communicating in the network. This communication continues after the death of the vaccinated person. One of the experiments was to study such phenomena in the cemetery.

I decided to check it out. I installed a Bluetooth scanner on my smartphone. It is one of the available applications that shows a list of available Bluetooth devices. In my apartment, this application showed me many unknown devices. The TV, my neighbor’s cell phone and my own Bluetooth headphones. So prepared, this morning we went to the next cemetery in Vienna.

On Saturday morning I only met three people in the entire cemetery. So it wasn’t difficult to maintain the “social distance” required for such research, i.e. the distance to the nearest living person of more than 100 m. In fact, the application showed me several Bluetooth “devices” in the middle of the cemetery. As I moved on, they disappeared and new ones appeared. Tried to go near the graves of people who died in or after 2021. The signals were weak compared to regular devices, but were about 10% of the signal level of the devices I observed at home. At this signal level, communication is possible as long as the “device” is actually using Bluetooth.

One of today’s Bluetooth measurement results.

Of course, this “study” of mine is not proof. To do this you need a decent signal meter and a check-up. I’m not a scientist and just wanted to see if this topic is worthwhile. And I’ve decided it was worth it. There are usually no electronic devices in the cemetery. Even if someone did the will of the deceased and placed a working cell phone in the coffin, even the best would drain the battery after waiting a week or two.

Now, where do these transmitters get their energy from in the human body? This question was also asked on the video and at the same time answered reasonably. Energy comes from the electromagnetic field (e.g. power line), the range of mobile telephony – including 5G – or from WiFi transmitters that we are constantly surrounded by. There is also an electromagnetic field in the cemetery, like everywhere in our civilization.

The video shows that all available mRNA vaccination types cause such phenomena. Even unvaccinated people can carry these transmitters. It is enough that someone close to us and with whom we have frequent contact is vaccinated. Even people who have only been tested for Covid can exhibit such characteristics.

I would like to reassure the vaccinated people – there are so many of you that it is unlikely that any prankster who knows the secrets of this technique will try to influence certain people by using this technology.

If you have doubts whether it is possible for the human body to send signals used in computer technology, I recommend the article from Nature Communications from January 30, 2014.

Many people warn against abuse in this area. Despite the fact that technology is very advanced – not always to our advantage – we are still at the developmental stage of infants studying their environment with very primitive methods. Technocrats will be outraged to read such heresies. But these are just technocrats, that is, people detached from reality. Five years from now, today’s expert claims will be ridiculed just as we are ridiculing the disproved claims of years ago. In this area, I would advise more humility and reflection on the number of mistakes that each of us invariably makes.

There are people who believe that they don’t make mistakes. They are the same other people think for.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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