277. How else can they scare us?
277. How else can they scare us?

277. How else can they scare us?

Wroclaw / Poland 8/18/2022

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Where the plague is not enough, there is a climate catastrophe. Many more such scenarios have been prepared. Politically lost war in Ukraine, completely ridiculed business with smallpox monkeys. These scenarios have been planned and prepared for years. A fortune has been spent, at least in our opinion, preparing for these disasters. An extraterrestrial attack from space on earth would probably also have a chance of success. Success in this case would be effective in spreading fear. Only the useful idiots would spread this propaganda voluntarily and for free, just like masked, effectively frightened, citizens do.

In my opinion, climate change, which has been prepared for 20 years, has the best chance of success. Who cares that 50 years ago we were threatened by the global winter. After all, temperature isn’t the issue here, any more than the virus has been a problem for two years. Our fear was still too small.

All of these planned NWO (New World Order) stimulators have one thing in common – they are based on lies backed by commissioned and expensive “research studies” that may one day not survive in the real world. You are therefore protected from any exchange of arguments. We know thousands of examples of this.

I suggest watching a film about climate fraud. Source.

So we already have a tax on breathing, and it’s irrelevant that CO2 levels aren’t a factor in changing the temperature of our globe. There were times in Earth’s history when this level was three times higher than it is today and the temperature was lower than it is today.

But that is not important. The billions of dollars stolen because of this lie are important. The same money could have a significant impact on the development of countries threatened by famine.

Speaking of hunger, see how ‘climate’ affects hunger: source.

Be ready! Global warming is coming!

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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