194. A strange war
194. A strange war

194. A strange war

Vienna 3/27/2022

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In late February, the sanitary war was turned into a military war. The former is already worn out. Fewer and fewer people are afraid of the virus, and fear is a key emotion that the creators of this global coup strive so hard to achieve. It is precisely the fear and the methods of spreading it around the world that these two wars have in common.

Let’s create something like a school essay on: Similarities and differences between the two wars.

Similarity list:

  1. The beginning of the war surprised those uninitiated in its planning;
  2. Wartime propaganda just before and during both wars was dubbed around the world. In War 2 the world was divided into two camps;
  3. Censorship and the same methods of discrediting people who hold views other than the official ones;
  4. Blockade of all public discussions;
  5. Victims of war. Both the killed and the wounded;
  6. Grading the dose of anxiety. Waves of intense “bombardments” of mostly false information intertwined with periods of lull – an element of psychological warfare;
  7. Abuse of compassion and promotion of false, one-sided solidarity;
  8. Division of society;
  9. Kill the economy and print money without cover;
  10. Politicians making contradictory, often illogical statements;
  11. Refugees can cross borders without COVID restrictions.


  1. Bio and propaganda war – military and propaganda war;
  2. Global Virus War – War limited to two countries. However, there is a risk of nuclear war;
  3. The Second War is a more effective method of destroying the world economy;
  4. During the Second War, the so-called “free world” unconditionally supported the pro-fascist government in Ukraine (evidence: President of Ukraine) and most bloc countries that introduced ethnic discrimination against people of Russian origin, as did fascist Germany against Jews;
  5. The Covid war caused far fewer restrictions on freedom of expression in Russia than in the West. What it looks like now cannot be said with certainty. Information on this topic spread by Western media is not very reliable.

I’m sure I missed something in these lists. However, the quantitative advantage of the similarities over the differences is easy to see.

I have my own highly controversial theory on the current war in Ukraine. It is indeed difficult to swallow. I believe this war was caused by the same people who invented and planned the plandemic. Many people agree with this claim. However, I go further in my analysis. The heads of state and government of all three world powers were in close contact with Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF). Putin also admits to having been in close contact with the WEF since 1992. You can check it on this video – minute 23:00.

My theory is that both China and Russia and the US planned and fought this war, including its aftermath. The primary goal is a world crisis that is intended to initiate a “new world order”, as Klaus Schwab described in detail in his book “COVID 19 – Great Reset”. In world politics, the rulers of imperial countries often sacrificed their own citizens for “higher purposes”. This theory is based on the description of geopolitics in George Orwell’s book 1984.

An alternative theory that more people might agree on would be provoking Russia into a war. In both cases, the driving force is the global elite. In the case of the latter theory, there is a chance that the war will end soon. However, if the three empires work together, they will prolong this conflict until they achieve their goals.

Here I have presented possible, but not necessarily truthful, attempts to explain our difficult reality. I don’t insist on any of them. My goal is to present a different perspective on the world around us.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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