186. Putin as a guarantor of peace?
186. Putin as a guarantor of peace?

186. Putin as a guarantor of peace?

Vienna 3/1/2022

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Readers of my blog, especially the last few posts, might get the impression that I am a supporter of Vladimir Putin. Nothing could be more wrong. I consider him a typical USSR apparatchik who has adapted to the new situation. I didn’t criticize NATO to support Putin!

We live in an Orwellian reality, like in the book 1984, three major powers have divided the world and are constantly at war, constantly changing alliances. The World Ministry of Truth (CNN, ABC, ITAR-TASS & Co.) is also working hard to make us forget that the current 2v1 pact wasn’t always the same as it is today.

The 70-year-old Putin began his career with the KGB (1975-1990) in Leningrad – today’s St. Petersburg. In 1996 he worked for the administration of President Yeltsin. In 1998 he became head of the Russian security service FSB. In 1999 he became Prime Minister of Russia. One of his first steps was to reintroduce Russian troops into Chechnya to continue the extremely bloody conflict. Wikipedia source.

As the 20th century ended and the present 21st century began, Putin took over from Yeltsin as President of Russia, a position he holds firmly in his own hands or through his trusted Medvedev. It was he who pushed through the constitutional changes that previously limited the presidency to two terms.

As befits a decent empire, the Kremlin’s expeditionary policy extends well beyond the borders of the former USSR. Since the 2008 war in Georgia, its doctrine has been to use force wherever Russia has an interest.

When snipers fired on crowds, both civilians and police officers, on Maidan (Kiev Square) in 2014, Putin seized military control of part of the Donbass.

Putin played a major role in the war in Syria, where he sided with President Assad and fought against forces upgraded and funded by the US and NATO.

This is how Putin talks to Shoigu and Gerasimov. His closest war advisors.

The current president of Russia will go down in history as the initiator of the war against Ukraine that began last week. Putin took advantage of US weakness and disagreements within NATO member states. Cooperation with China also helped him in this decision. An important aspect is his participation, or at least his approval, in the transformations of the globalists who seek to take over the entire world under the aegis of one world government. How far this student of Klaus Schwab supports the globalists is difficult to judge. In any case, he agrees to the cooperation, since it gives him advantages in maintaining power in Russia. There is no doubt that this war was needed by the globalists. As planned, they traded virus fear for war fear. Which, of course, does not absolve Putin of responsibility for this war.

I think it is clear to everyone that if they don’t win the war they unleashed militarily, they will lose the support they need in the next elections. After the war, Ukraine is divided into an east-pro-Moscow part of the country and leans west politically. This division was visible earlier.

When I was working here in Vienna for a large telecommunications company in 2009, I was dealing with Russian-speaking Ukrainians. We also had interesting talks on geopolitical issues. It is sometimes difficult for someone coming from Poland to understand the motivations of people living in these regions. Both the difficult economic situation in Ukraine and the political framework have a fundamental influence on this or that behavior.

The only thing Putin can do is force western Ukraine not to join NATO. That is the most likely outcome of this war.

None of the three world powers care about peace when their interests are at stake. When a gangster is president of a superpower, it’s hardly surprising that he uses mafia-esque methods to run the country.

As Putin says, he will take over Crimea – then he will.
When the EU says it won’t let it, then… it says.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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