178. Freedom
178. Freedom

178. Freedom

Vienna 2/18/2022

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Top tennis player Novak Djoković recently said: Freedom of choice is more important than any title.

Many governments around the world are announcing the gradual end of a major pandemic. The exceptions are Mr. Justin Trudaue (owner of Canada), Kim Jong Un (owner of North Korea), Xi Jin Ping (first secretary in China), Scott Morrison (owner of Australia) and Jacinda Ardern (owner of New Zealand). I don’t think I missed anyone.

The other governments have generously announced that we will gradually give up our freedom. Why don’t I open champagne for this? Apart from the fact that I don’t like such a drink, I see no reason to be happy. Would you thank a thief caught by the police – an increasingly rare occurrence as the police are busy controlling the masking of the populace – to recover lost items? I don’t think so.

It is true that it was not the police, but our stance and approval of the globalists that caused the government to temporarily retreat from the destruction of its own nation. All these governments can count on is a trial for the murder of hundreds of thousands of people. Who would still be alive today were it not for the unjustified two-year closure of the healthcare system. Therefore, I am convinced that it is impossible to return to normal. The government will not do it voluntarily.

In the near future, a new “catastrophe” will strike our planet in the form of global warming, financial collapse, or war. “Inevitable War in Ukraine” was one such attempt. Note that the Russian media reported on the strength of the Russian army without mentioning the date of the invasion. The date of the outbreak of war was announced by CNN, Washington Post & Co. What conclusion can be drawn from this? The conflict was instigated by both Putin and Biden – both keen to work with world government.

Freedom cannot be taken away from anyone. When I was stopped at the freedom march in Warsaw, I also felt like a free man. Even when I had to wear handcuffs for the first time in my life. Freedom is a state of consciousness, not the absence of physical limitations. Each of us can recognize at any time that we are a free human being. Your attitude allows you to feel free – certainly not any rules.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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