172. Why does he have to die?
172. Why does he have to die?

172. Why does he have to die?

Vienna 1/27/2022

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On this subject, I was inspired by the article: Graphene Hydroxide in the mRNA Vaccine Vial: Assassination of Dr. Andreas Noack.

Below is a video of the recently deceased Dr. Andrzej Noack. About graphene hydroxide in each vial of mRNA vaccine. dr Noack explains the devastating effects of graphene hydroxide on the cardiovascular system. “Such structures made of nanoparticles can best be described as razor blades. These razor blades are injected into the body and are not biodegradable.

“If you keep squirting, you’re a murderer!” dr Andrew Noack.

The video was recorded on November 23, 2021. Shortly thereafter, the death of Dr. Andreas Noack reported. His wife made a video presentation confirming that he had been murdered. Watch the video.

The mainstream media was silent as if nothing had happened. No police investigations! The circumstances of his murder were not disclosed.

A year earlier, in November 2020, when Dr. Noack took part in a video conference, the police broke into his apartment in Lavanttal (Carinthia / Austria) and brutally arrested him..

The research of dr. Noack was a follow-up to research conducted by Spain’s Quinta Column team. Further details on this project can be found in the first report (06/28/2021) by Prof. Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid, entitled:  Graphene Oxide Detection in Aqueous Suspension, Observational study in Optical and Electron Microscopy.

After posting this article on Facebook, I received a 24 hour ban on several newsgroups.

“Your entry violates our standards.”

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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