156. Do idiots rule us?
156. Do idiots rule us?

156. Do idiots rule us?

Vienna 12/19/2021

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Many of us ask ourselves this question. Because that’s what it looks like. Hopelessly stupid ministerial ordinances that cannot be justified in any way. I’ll ask another question: is it possible for the governments of nearly two hundred countries in the world to be dominated by idiots at the same time? Think about it.

What was your conclusion? Maybe mental illness is contagious? Or maybe only people from the ministerial level upwards become infected? My conclusions are entirely different. They are not idiots, they have no choice but to let them play idiots.

Stupid Government Quotes

One can imagine a situation where the Disease Secretary goes in front of the television cameras and announces that, as some expect, he will have to put in place restrictions that have given him $ 2 million. Or that these people post photos of the minister in the arms of a woman who absolutely does not want to look like his wife? As a rule, the minister is more afraid of his wife than of the voters. That’s why he lets himself be made an idiot, in the hope that in addition to the aforementioned bribery, he can steal as much as possible before he is fired like his predecessor.

Let us add that the globalists have assured the rulers that after world power is taken over by world government, they will remain inviolable in these positions in their countries and serve as useful idiots for the new masters of the world. I haven’t been to any of these interviews where these assurances have been made, but I can well imagine how it went:

The envoy of the gray eminence of the future world government: They introduce the lockdown, the mask requirement, the general vaccination of the entire population in the country and are waiting for further recommendations.

Politician: It will be difficult – our people will rebel.

Envoy: We are aware of that, so we will introduce it in small steps.

Politician: And how do we manage to avoid responsibility later?

Envoys: Do not be afraid that after the victory of the Great Reset, when we gain power over the world, you will rule your country undivided. As long as you stick to our few rules, you will stay in office or be promoted if you wish.

The course of this conversation was something like that. So politicians can be defined as you like, but I would ask you not to use the term “idiot” in this context – it insults the mentally ill who are not guilty of anything.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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