39. Death under the mask
39. Death under the mask

39. Death under the mask

Vienna 10/2/2020

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What are these masks supposed to protect us from? Certainly not from the virus.
In September 2020, three children wearing masks died in Germany.

“The public reacted in shock to the news of the death of a 13-year-old girl in a school bus in Büchelberg, Germany. The young student was wearing a corona protective mask when she suddenly collapsed and died a little later in the hospital. The autopsy is said to have not produced a clear result – since then there has been no further information from the authorities.
On September 11th, the newspaper “Die Rheinpfalz” reported on the results of the forensic medical examination. Respectively there was nothing to report, because the autopsy did not provide a clear result on the cause of death. In return, the public prosecutor’s office said that the “more detailed investigations” would take a longer time. We don’t know of many cases where an autopsy takes three weeks or more, but we do take note of the medical opinion of the public prosecutor’s office. The medically unsafe Wikipedia writes: “Depending on the cause of death and the complexity, an autopsy usually takes two to three hours, at most four hours.”

Here is the source in German.

“Collapsed and passed away
According to a newspaper article, the delegates of the district assembly in Germersheim learned of the shocking news on Monday evening. According to the police, there should be a medical emergency on the bus at Büchelberg at around 1:45 p.m. Accordingly, the 13-year-old is said to have been in a moderately filled school bus with about 32 passengers (all of whom had a seat) on the house when she suddenly passed out on her seat. The student was still reanimated, but despite the emergency doctor and admission to a Karlsruhe hospital, the girl died. “When the news reached us during the district assembly, the consternation among the members of the committee was visibly great. Our thoughts and our sympathy go to the relatives, bereaved and friends of the girl, “said Germersheim’s District Administrator Fritz Brechtel after the meeting. Karlsruhe public prosecutor’s office determined.
The exact cause of death of the student should now be determined. According to media reports, the Karlsruhe public prosecutor expects first findings about the cause of death in a week at the earliest. As a spokesman said, the investigative authorities have requested an autopsy. According to the authorities, there is no evidence of third-party debt.”

Here is the source in German.

“3. dead child because of the mask.
On Monday, September 28th, 2020, a 6-year-old girl from near Schweinfurt collapsed unconscious on her way home in the school bus, also wearing a mouth and nose covering. She sagged onto the student sitting next to her, who began to scream loudly. The bus driver stopped and put the girl in the aisle of the bus and unfortunately left the mask on the girl and called 112 on her cell phone.
The ambulance came and only then took off the mask and IMMEDIATELY supplied the child with oxygen and took them to the clinic. From there, the parents were informed, who arrived a short time later and remained seated by the child’s bed, waiting for the child to wake up again. The child died that evening without regaining consciousness …
According to the attending doctor, who phoned the parents’ pediatrician, there was no previous illness and after his own examination informed the parents that it was a matter of “CO2 poisoning” and thus the doctor ticked the “unnatural cause of death” !
Then a second examination (autopsy) of the child is being carried out in forensic medicine. Already in the morning the girl no longer wanted to take the bus to school because she always felt sick and could not breathe much. She reported days before that she saw “flickering images”, but she was never allowed to take off the mask. The first grade student complained about the side effects of the mask after just one week of school. Before starting school, the parents bought the girl a particularly “pretty” mouth and nose cover, as it had to be worn in class and physical education! … school enrollment was only a few days ago!
The information comes from the best friend of the mother of the child concerned.”

Here is the source in German.

This news has been referred to as fake news in the mainstream media.
Official media, as always, distort reality.

Only the parents and teachers who force children to wear a mask are responsible for the health consequences. You can also be charged.
A ministerial order is not accepted as an excuse.

75 years ago there was a precedent in which the defendants were punished and the orders from above were not classified as an extenuating circumstance.

Author: Marek Wojcik

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