31. The television does not show you this
31. The television does not show you this

31. The television does not show you this

Vienna 8/4/2020

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A demonstration against the destruction of democracy and the deprivation of our civil rights took place in Berlin on Saturday, August 1st.
This over an hour video was accelerated to five minutes. The film was shot on one of the many streets that lead to the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. 17,000 demonstrators?

Only the initial title remains to be translated from German: August 1, 2020. Freedom Day. The entire march takes five minutes.

Why did I show this particular film?
Well, the German police and the world media announced that around 17,000 right-wing radicals and conspiracy theorists had taken part in the small demonstration in Berlin.

Some people remember communist rule behind an iron curtain. You get the thought that we already had something like that.
There was a totalitarian system and dependency on the USSR. And now?
The USSR ceased to exist, instead of this monstrosity, a group of very wealthy people appeared who decided to invest in a plandemic to become even richer.

According to the organizers, 1.3 million people took part in the demonstration. Do you see for yourself who is closer to the truth?

During the demonstration, the police entered the scene and prohibited the previously allowed demonstration.
Several people were arrested. The reason was that the demonstrators did not comply with the mask regulation and kept their distance. It was this demonstration that was against these orders.

I chose another short film so that you can judge for yourself what kind of “extremists” or crazy conspiracy theorists have appeared in this demonstration.

Despite the arrests, the demonstration continued until late at night.
Chancellor Merkel must have been seriously concerned that this ruthless propaganda of fear was not as effective as she thought.

Author: Marek Wojcik

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