126. Master of the experiment
126. Master of the experiment

126. Master of the experiment

Vienna 10/23/2021

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In Article 68 of Globalresearch.org, I gave an example of how to read well-crafted and reliable news that is not tampered with by mainstream media with no language skills. Yesterday, professionally compiled statistics on mortality and serious illnesses in countries with the highest acceptance of experimental preparations, taking into account the elixir status of these victims, appeared on this website. The website opens in English, but you can choose from 95 other languages whichever is best for you. You can find detailed instructions on how to do this in the first link above.

I encourage you to read this article. I am not going to repeat the same information that you can read at the source. I will just add my own comment on the manipulation and falsification of the truth that is ubiquitous in the public media.

Who hasn’t heard that 90 or even 95% of the patients who go through this fashionable flu illness are unvaccinated? These completely arbitrary numbers, given with a straight face – the “expert” has to be serious after all – can be completely arbitrary, for example 110%. We are bombarded with such information several times a day. It is a manipulated reality that is becoming more and more aware that people are being lied to.

The trick used is very simple. Top down, likely by the Department of Disease, an order was made that hospitals would either admit people who were vaccinated or those with a negative PCR test. In addition, people who are ill with this disease despite the miracle preparation are officially recognized as unvaccinated, but can graciously remain in the hospital. These patients form this group of seriously ill patients. So we (un) vaccinated – because how should you name people who are officially recognized as opponents of vaccination after two doses of the preparation? These are seriously ill people who cannot defend themselves against such fraud.

If you think you are not being manipulated, then you are a victim of true professionals.

It’s not the first time we’ve been lied to so brazenly. It is done at the hands of corrupt politicians, but it is by no means just a one-country phenomenon. This is the situation all over the world. These politicians are just puppets – yes, they should be punished for crimes against their own people. The words “You will hang”, which MP Grzegorz Braun shouted to the Minister of Health in the Polish Parliament, are just a blunt representation of the mood in society. It is for this reason that this MP created a team to gather evidence of the physical destruction of the nation. This group is called Nuremberg 2.0

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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