24. Orwellian world
24. Orwellian world

24. Orwellian world

Vienna 7/1/2020

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I found the right words on the Internet. Signed by Frank Schulz. Commenting on this film.

It is not the government, or unscrupulous doctors, who destroy the country with their inhumane “measures”, ruin existence, traumatize children, isolating old people against their will and letting the weakest part of society, namely the poor, the old and the homeless mercilessly go to the dogs, it is the people themselves who obediently carry out all these crimes.

And why?
Certainly not out of fear of a deadly plague, had before in any case, the BLV Matters demos are not scary, but from one obviously masochistic need to want to be controlled.
You have to imagine that:
to put a mask in front of the mouth and nose of a child in the day care center so that he can no longer breathe freely and then to tell him that it is a Game, something like that is not a game but a crime! And the educators and Teachers are all involved, where is the outcry from the population?!

How does a teacher still manage English classes Orwell’s 1984 or at all? Has Antiutopia read and then the students at the graduation ceremony to hand over the Basic Law?
How did doctors agree with their conscience to simply reject people who needed urgent surgery simply because the hospital beds for potential Corana patients, who never came! – kept clear?

How did nursing home staff manage to forbid someone to hold their dying mother’s hand in their last hour? How do you reconcile something with your conscience? But only by throwing humanistic values overboard.

“Now, it was good.
Everything was in order.
The struggle came to an end.
He had overcome himself.
He loved the Big Brother.”

George Orwell 1984

Author: Marek Wojcik

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