579. Anniversary of the attack
579. Anniversary of the attack

579. Anniversary of the attack

Ostrzeszów/Poland 11/22/2023

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60 years ago, on November 22, 1963, American President J. F. Kennedy was shot by CIA assassins. This event shocked the world. This peace president was a thorn in the side of the secret groups that sought war in Vietnam, power over the entire world and used masonic structures and globalist NGOs – private non-governmental organizations – for their goals.

Source: kla.tv

This was even before American intelligence agencies had the brilliant idea of “finding” the passport of Lee Harvey Oswald at the crime scene – a scapegoat who was shot in a police station for truthfully claiming that he had not shot the president. Oswald was shot by a seriously ill nightclub owner with Mafia connections, Jack Ruby. The latter was sentenced to death and did not survive the appeal process as he died of cancer.

Our world is governed by hidden forces used by politicians. Most politicians are greedy puppets. Nowadays it is difficult to find charismatic, respectable people who are ready to take responsibility for the country. We’ve had a few of these in the past. Everyone should decide for themselves. One of them was the assassinated US President. Even then, the supposedly most powerful office in the world had its limits. As President of the United States, your hands are often tied.

The president must take into account sponsors and more powerful forces, such as eminences from the Pentagon or the CIA. There are also forces outside the United States that have great influence on the President of the United States. Biden’s corrupt ties to Chinese oligarchs are just one example.

Johnson was sworn in as president just two hours and eight minutes after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Since there was no Bible on site, Johnson kept a Roman Catholic missal in his hand. Standing next to the President is Jacqueline Kennedy, who continued to serve her country despite her husband’s assassination.
Source in Polish: Demotywatory.

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