568. Global cooling
568. Global cooling

568. Global cooling

Vienna 11/08/2023

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The cause of the melting ice in Antarctica is certainly not the air temperature, as pseudo-ecologists – spreaders of media climate hysteria – claim. According to a scientific study recently published in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, Significant cooling of West Antarctica over the past two decades caused by tropical forcing in the Pacific the air temperature on this continent has fallen by more than one degree Celsius over the past two decades.

Emperor penguins in the Weddell Sea. © John Weller/dpa.

The study shows that the surface temperature in West Antarctica fell by more than 1.8 degrees Celsius between 1999 and 2018. There can be no talk of global warming at the South Pole – there is a significant cooling.

Earth’s surface temperatures during the Phanerozoic era (541 million years ago to the present). Source: Telegram 09/16/2023 06:14.

The Earth’s climate changed millions of years ago. And all without diesel vehicles and gas heaters. The climate has always been changing, and that has absolutely nothing to do with CO2 – especially not with the CO2 that people and cows emit.

In summary, it can be said that the climate problem is much more complex than what the climate enthusiasts want us to believe with their greenhouse gas madness. Because if the increasing concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere actually leads to higher temperatures, then why not in the very south of our planet?

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Author of the article: Marek Wojcik
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