539. Methodical lies
539. Methodical lies

539. Methodical lies

Ostrzeszów/Poland 10/01/2023

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Lies have always accompanied humans. The first rulers noticed that people who had been lied to were offended when someone told them the truth. This is a psychological phenomenon and is why even the most pointless myths are so long-lasting if they are established early and strongly enough. This art of manipulating majority opinion has been used for hundreds of thousands of years and has been perfected with the advent of mass media.

As early as the 19th century, newspapers not only conveyed news but also hidden messages that were intended to influence the thinking of a large number of readers. It is not for nothing that the press has already been called the fourth power. In addition to the legislative (parliamentary), executive (state) and judicial authorities (which by definition should be independent of the other two!), the media was rightly considered the fourth factor, both opinion and education and control of the three authorities mentioned.

So much theory. We know the practice. The media was taken over by several families with close ties to the mafia. Pharmaceutical and nutrition mafia. I described how these mafia forces came into being in the article A Brief History of Medicine.

Today I would like to list the most important lies. Let’s divide them into three categories. Lies about our eating habits, medical lies and political lies.

Lies about food:

  • Vegetable fats are considered healthier than animal fats. Margarine is healthier than butter;
  • Sugar is poison. This is true, however it is suggested that instead of restricting the consumption of White Death, more harmful artificial sweeteners should be used;
  • Eggs are harmful if we eat more than xx per week. An unfounded myth;
  • Fluoride helps teeth heal;
  • Aluminum is suitable for food use;
  • Meat, especially pork, is harmful to health;
  • Glyphosate does not poison food, soil or drinking water;
  • Artificial milk is better for babies than breastfeeding.
In Western Europe, fluoride is not added to drinking water. However, the use of aluminum foil for baking or wrapping food is very common here.

Medical lies:

  • Although it is only a theory, the term “virus” has been popularized as if there was evidence of the existence of a virus. A pseudoscience called virology emerged;
  • Cholesterol lie;
  • The Covid plandemic and the “elixir of happiness”;
  • Chemotherapy is celebrating its 100th anniversary. 2% chance of survival, while untreated cancer has a 27% chance of survival;
  • The lie about the widespread disease of blood pressure;
  • The lie about common type II diabetes;
  • Invented diseases such as AIDS or ADHD;
  • using incorrect tests instead of a medical diagnosis;
  • Ivermectin – a horse deworming drug, not for Covid;
  • Folk medicine is dangerous quackery, while conventional medicine causes over 33% of all deaths in the world;
Medicine does not know the secret of healing, but it provides the opportunity to prolong the illness.

You will not be able to buy a drug in the pharmacy that will cure the causes of the disease without causing new problems through side effects. All chemical preparations offered in the pharmacy are intended to combat the symptoms of diseases. The cause of the disease cannot be combated. Who would kill the goose that lays golden eggs?

Political lies:

  • The US entry into both world wars was preceded by a major fraud: the US-provoked attack on the ship Lusitania and the Japanese air raid on Pearl Harbor;
  • The assassination of US President J.F. Kennedy by the CIA in November 1963. An official report full of contradictions hides the truth;
  • Entry into the Vietnam War in 1964 was initiated by a fake Gulf of Tonkin incident prepared by the CIA;
  • The incubator lie (source) in the US Congress led to the attack on Iraq in January 1991;
  • The lie about the role of Arab terrorists in the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. The official report, full of contradictions, hides the truth;
  • The lie about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq triggered the invasion of that country in 2003;
  • lying about wars in Syria, Libya and Ukraine;
  • The lie of global warming should be included in promoting a new belief in a sacred climate that is threatened not by large corporations but by the production of dangerous methane compounds by ordinary people and animals – an effect of metabolism.

There is not enough space here to list all the false media reports. Most of them come from the USA, which does not mean that the honest truth is also propagated in other countries. In Western countries, American lies adapted to local conditions are repeated. Other countries like China and Russia have their own reasons for lying to their citizens.

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Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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