525. All power to the WHO!
525. All power to the WHO!

525. All power to the WHO!

Vienna 09/12/2023

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This is not a new slogan at all. It is over 100 years old. Only the pretender to power has changed. 100 years ago it was said: All power to the Soviets! It was a very popular slogan of the communists, since at that time most people were actually harmed by the early capitalist exploitation system and the remnants of feudal structures. So this slogan fell on fertile ground. The arguments were similar to today – everything was done for the good of all people. We know what happened, but “errors and distortions” are a natural phenomenon in the history of totalitarian systems.

Communism causes you to lose your facial hair.

The phenomenon of power is not about issuing instructions and expecting them to be strictly implemented. This only happens in the final phase of plan implementation. The fundamental task of the authorities is to prepare public opinion to accept the proposed steps.

I won’t mention Goebbels’ principle of repeating lies because this topic makes most people vomit. We prefer to be lied to. It’s easier this way. Passing unpleasant responsibilities into the hands of others who willingly accept the privileges of power and pass on the responsibility like the buck.

Capitalism leads to loss of face.

This circus will end soon. Next year, a separate world government will be formed that will take the difficult reins of world power into its own hands. Difficult because it requires enormous effort to control the normally unruly masses. It worked out quite well in China.

Attempts to control “traffic” in London ended with the destruction of hundreds of cameras tracking citizens. These are the so-called teething problems of the new system. There is a solution for everything. The technocrats will propose an additional camera system to monitor the cameras already installed in order to catch those evil perpetrators who do not understand that all this is happening just to make the world a better place.

In my opinion, a better solution would be to build a wind turbine on Piccadilly Street and place (artificial, of course) intelligent cameras at the end of each of the three blades. Two birds with one stone. Ecological electricity and ecological observations of the unadapted.

But let’s get back to the power of the WHO. What will be the benefits?

  1. Rapid response to the emergence of pandemic outbreaks around the world. One case of diarrhea in any country is enough to coordinate a global vaccination campaign against salmonella;
  2. Global management of the pandemic will contribute to its global spread;
  3. The WHO’s proposals for ineffective but very harmful countermeasures – global sanitation measures – will effectively contribute to the depopulation of the world;
  4. The WHO’s independence from the voices of fickle voters guarantees the stability and durability of the policy of medical terror;
  5. By abdicating the responsibility of states to select pandemic countermeasures, UN forces can intervene in countries that rebel against the WHO’s desire to make the whole world happy;
  6. Global decisions to impose lockdowns will more quickly lead to the collapse of the economy and the current unfair monetary system, thereby supporting the establishment of the New World Order;
  7. The introduction of a unified global censorship will put an end to the emergence of conspiracy theories, which, even if they later prove to be true, are very harmful to the implementation of the current WHO plans;
  8. The introduction of exclusively cashless purchases in the world will help WHO in making decisions and implementing the punishment of naughty inhabitants of the Earth by depriving them of the opportunity to spend money for their ignoble purposes.

Forgive the sarcastic tone of today’s article. The situation is indeed serious. However, this type of presentation of planned changes should reach most people more easily than pure facts.

…and there is no artificial intelligence anymore.

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Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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