494. Criminal charge: high treason
494. Criminal charge: high treason

494. Criminal charge: high treason

Wroclaw/Poland 07/28/2023

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The former President of the LKA (German State Criminal Police Office) Thuringia, Uwe G. Kranz, together with the civil activist Marianne Grimmenstein, has filed criminal charges against the political leadership of Germany. The allegations weigh heavily: It is about the suspicion of attempted high treason, crimes against humanity and genocide. The background is the so-called WHO Pandemic Treaty and the planned reform of the IHR, which, according to many critical experts, represent an attack on basic democratic and constitutional principles and the civil liberties. A quote from an article in Report24 entitled: Because of high treason and genocide: ex-LKA president files criminal charges against the German federal government. Source in German.

Full text of the federal government’s criminal complaint. Original text in German. The accusation is directed against all members of the federal government, including Chancellor Olaf Schotz. The allegation is based on the WHO Pandemic Treaty, which many critical experts believe violates the foundations of a democratic state and represents an attack on citizens’ freedom. The allegation included charges of crimes against humanity and genocide.

Aesculapian snake – a symbol of a corrupt criminal organization – WHO.

If Germany or any other “civilized” country were a truly functioning democracy, such an accusation would lead to an investigation and a fair trial even against members of an active government. They are protected by immunity and the German Bundestag (parliament) would have to agree to a waiver of immunity before the trial. It’s unlikely at the moment, but the next election will come at some point…

If we consider the possible pressure that the accused could put on the judges, we have a complete picture of the feasibility of such a trial. Once again it shows that there is no use waiting for someone to “get” democracy for us. Many people hope that Trump will win the US election and bring order to the world. He won three years ago and nothing came of it. Even if he becomes president again, he will at best deal with the internal situation in the USA. Sure it will weaken the globalists, but it won’t change the attitude of governments and their media dogs in other countries around the world.

Democracy must be fought for, not necessarily with guns in hand. The battle for public awareness is on. Therefore, it is extremely important that most people have access to news and other ways of interpreting the situation in the world than is being propagated by the media of mass stupidity.

The weapon of mass astonishment.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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