478. Will the BRICS save us?
478. Will the BRICS save us?

478. Will the BRICS save us?

Ladek Zdroj/Poland 06/29/2023

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These are strange times when CIA agents are eager to publicly reveal the “secrets” of US politics. Many of us, including politicians, are still stuck in the old way of dividing the world into powers vying for spheres of influence. Such an image of the past world is conveyed in the media. Our real world has changed almost imperceptibly. Today, China, Russia or the USA are just tools in the hands of people who decide the strategy of corporations like BlackRock or Vanguard. In these structures, the most important decisions that affect the lives of the inhabitants of our globe are made.

The BRICS countries have announced a major conference in South Africa for mid-August, at which a new money based on gold and commodities is to be presented. Whatever they plan to do, this new money will be used in digital form – on computers. Old dollars, euros, francs, pounds, yen or rubles will disappear, they will become what they really are: worthless paper. Whoever controls the future world currency will control the world. And there will be no state, no government. Already, state authorities are mere puppets in the hands of a group of billionaires.

In Europe, we are under the impression that the policies of our countries stem from the President of the United States – a demented old man, who in his speech greets the late Queen of England: “God save the Queen.” Indeed, power in the US has been growing of the rigged presidential election of 2020 by eminence grises whose only mandate to wield that power is the unimaginably large sums of money they possess.

Will the BRICS countries save us? Everyone can answer this question for themselves. Just look at how China controls its own people.

20,000 people live in this building in China. There are supermarkets, shops, hairdresser, pharmacy etc.
This is a 15 minute town in a building that is sold as a miracle when it is nothing more than a giant prison and climate dictatorship.
Source: Telegram 06/28/2023 08:16 a.m.
Chinese police officers have special glasses for identifying people. These glasses help recognize license plates and people’s faces, and determine a person’s social judgment, which police officers use to make decisions about how to deal with them.
Source: Telegram 06/20/2023 9:00 p.m.
For years, Chinese have been required to verify their facial biometrics when entering airports, train/bus stations, cruise terminals, etc. People of low social status are not allowed to travel.
Source: Telegram 06/25/2023 8:54 p.m.

Those who view geopolitics in the classic way were surprised to learn that the US will not support Taiwan’s independence from China. This is not the first time the US has abandoned its allies to their fate. Examples like South Vietnam, Saddam Hussein and Afghanistan show how important friends are to the US when immediate political issues prove more important. In fact, most of these political “events” are commissioned by BlackRock & Co. Also the strange putsch of the Wagner troops.

Have you wondered how hundreds of anti-Russian politicians made a pilgrimage to Kiev with impunity, rather, boldly, to embrace the great “defender of democracy” of the President of Ukraine? Without a tacit agreement with the Kremlin on the timing of these trips, not all would have returned to continue lying to their subjects.

Claus, what’s up with this spring offensive? It’s summer already!

Zelenskyyis too stupid for that
We staged a fake coup for you to get things moving.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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