444. I’m vaccinated!
444. I’m vaccinated!

444. I’m vaccinated!

Wroclaw 05/08/2023

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Heather McDonald’s cult pop podcast, Juice Scoop is a very popular comedy show in the United States. The show has over 20,000 five-star reviews on iTunes and ranks #2 on the Comedy Interviews chart and is the #1 Women’s Comedy Interview Podcast.

Why am I writing about this? I got to the last video where Juicy Scoop is bragging about being vaccinated twice + booster and still having a regular period. You can watch this video – it only takes a minute:

It happened on February 5, 2022 on stage at Tempe Improv Arizona/USA. Source.

I want you to know that I’ve been vaccinated twice, had a booster shot, flu shot, shingles and am still getting my period! I have traveled. I’ve been to Mexico twice… and I didn’t catch Covid. I believe Jesus loves me the most…

I don’t know if this is an authentic recording of her performance. It doesn’t matter as we’ve seen hundreds of such tragedies on camera over the last two years.

I am far from seeking sensation in human tragedy. Awareness of the danger stemming from blind faith in the recommendations of the so-called public health defenders (Minister for a Disease or WHO) is still too common. When I meet people who were healthy a year ago and are now having trouble pronouncing the correct sentence, and these people are trying to convince me that this is the result of some event from 20 years ago and not that they just have an mRNA -Take preparation In order not to lose the jobs that are lost anyway, I keep asking myself, where does this unshakable trust in the goodwill of government officials come from? Greenness? Sure, but how long can you be fooled?

Sick because of vaccination? (IMAGO / blickwinkel / IMAGO / R. Rebmann).

Some will say it’s their own fault. Maybe, but a few years ago hardly anyone checked food labels in supermarkets. We just had faith that they wouldn’t poison us. It’s much worse today. We don’t know if we don’t eat soil insects. The world has changed and it won’t be the last.

What the world will look like in a few years largely depends on us, although most of us are unaware of it. We just have to be honest. To your own beliefs, to your friends and neighbors. This requires courage to act in accordance with the beliefs and logic that flow from an objective analysis of world affairs. This requires reliable sources of information, which are difficult to find today. However, this is the work that must be undertaken by anyone who wants to know the truth in this confusing world of hypocrisy and lies.

You don’t think it was easy for me to read in the comments that I’m a tinfoil hat, conspiracy theorist, etc.? On the other hand, I wasn’t too sensitive to such accusations. I realized that it’s not worth worrying about the opinions of people who judge me for my attitude. Today, the same trolls claim that they always believed in what I described when it wasn’t popular at all. I’m not writing this to show off. It’s not my goal to be right at all. My goal is completely different. i want freedom Freedom of expression, including those who say the earth is flat. If they’re wrong, let that worldview be refuted with sound arguments. Ridicule people for their views is not an argument. This is just the populist propagation of their own poorly founded visions.

In the story of a cardiologist, I described a similar case of a person who believed in these “vaccines.” I am convinced that the same mechanisms were at work in both cases. They just believed the lies.

I didn’t take a single dose of the Covid vaccine, nobody around me died or even got hospitalized, but according to some I was a walking sower of death and destruction.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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