77. Spanish flu
77. Spanish flu

77. Spanish flu

Vienna 5/8/2021

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More than 100 years have passed since one of the largest pandemics in history. According to Wikipedia, it was brought to Europe by US soldiers. An exceptionally high mortality rate of 5-10% resulted in 21 to 100 million people worldwide dying from influenza, depending on the sources of information.

I found a 100 year old article from New Zealand that told you how scientists studied the causes, ways of spreading and treating the flu a century ago. Source.

Also 100 years ago, scientific studies were carried out to understand how the flu spreads. A number of such studies were conducted in the United States (Boston and San Francisco) between November 1918 and March 1919. A total of 10 different experiments were carried out to explain how people can get infected with flu. 62 young and healthy volunteers who had never had a history of influenza were involved in these experiments.

Even as we know today, these volunteers were exposed to more and more dangerous contact with infected people. The first experiment looked at the effect of only being close to one infected person. Then the secretion obtained from the lungs, nose and throat of contaminated patients was introduced into the nose, throat and eyes of test subjects. In exercise 5, such a contaminated fluid was injected subcutaneously.

In all 10 experiments there were no cases of influenza transmission to the test subjects.

If you are interested in a detailed description of these experiments, you can read this dokument. You can also download this document from this page. The description of these experiments can be found on the pages in the PDF file 172 – 272.

We know from experience that diseases like the flu are contagious. However, not everyone who comes into contact with the infected person automatically becomes ill. Why is this happening? I can answer this question by presenting my theory – as I understand it.

Whether or not a person becomes infected depends, in my opinion, on the state of their immune system. I know – it’s nothing new, but reading the mainstream media shows that our immunology is more of an obstacle to treatment.

After the First World War, the situation was perfect for a pandemic. Hunger, poverty and poor hygiene could not stop this cruel plague.

The author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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