347. Year 2022
347. Year 2022

347. Year 2022

Wroclaw/Poland 01/02/2023

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The title of the article might suggest a new utopian novel inspired by George Orwell. No, there will be no novel. There will also be no review of events from the past year. Nor do I intend to write about the miraculous transformation of a terrible virus into a no less terrible war. You can read about all these things in my e-book, which grows by a new chapter with each new article.

What am I writing about today? Keep reading, the article will be short as usual – I promise.

I received a Christmas present from Facebook in the form of a one-week ban from publishing this article.

Facebook has to be very conservative to keep up its annual ban tradition. A year ago, in January, the censors didn’t like this article. Despite all the efforts of Facebook, YouTube & Co., my blog broke its hit record last month. In December, over 120,000 visitors came to my website.

The total number of visits in December was 121,442. On average, 3,917 users came to my website every day.

For accuracy, the total number of visitors includes multiple visits. So if someone has visited my website several times, they will also be included in these statistics several times. Visits to bots, i.e. computers that search the Internet to index pages – such as those from Google – also increase this number significantly. However, considering that those stats showed just over 50,000 visitors in the summer of 2022, I think a doubling is impressive. According to other statistics, around 30,000 unique visitors came to my website in December – excluding search engine bots.

It’s no brag that I brought you this statistic. I’m just really happy with this result. I could take advantage of this and monetize my blog through ads, but I won’t. I know how annoying banners are scattered on websites. They would distract attention from the content of the articles I submitted.

The following banner, hung by the Polish Institute of National Remembrance in Szczecin, is an example of great Polish patriotism made in the USA:

It is clear that the sponsor wants to understand what they are paying for. Even in the People’s Republic of Poland, Poles were not addressed with Cyrillic letters. This time, however, all Poles must absolutely speak the language of Big Brother.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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