313. Gain of function
313. Gain of function

313. Gain of function

Wroclaw / Poland 10/30/2022

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An article was published on the Austrian platform tkp.at on Friday: US government laboratory develops hybrid strain of monkeypox with deadly effect. Apparently, American world rescue specialists have not only set up a number of laboratories in Wuhan and Ukraine in which dangerous biological weapons were tested and also manufactured.

For those unfamiliar with “gain of function”, I would like to explain that it literally means improvement of function, while in the context of this article it is about the creation of new forms of viruses capable of infecting large numbers of people to kill. This form of biochemical research is banned in the United States.

A government lab in Maryland plans to make the circulating strain of monkeypox more deadly in highly controversial research on mice. The team wants to provide the dominant strain – which usually causes a rash and flu-like symptoms – with genes from another strain that causes serious illness. They hope the experiment will show how different genes make monkeypox more deadly, ostensibly to help develop better medicines and vaccines for humans.

Das veränderte Virus stellt jedoch ein „außergewöhnlich hohes Risiko“ für die Öffentlichkeit dar, wenn es versehentlich freigesetzt wird, so Dr. Richard Ebright, Mikrobiologe an der Rutgers University in New Jersey. Das Team in Maryland argumentiert, dass es sich bei seiner Arbeit nicht um eine „Verbesserung“ eines Krankheitserregers handelt, da es natürliche Mutationen austauscht und keine neuen schafft, was bedeutet, dass die Hybride nicht tödlicher sein können als die bestehenden Klone.

The Maryland team’s work is being led by NIAID scientist Bernard Moss at the agency’s headquarters in Bethesda (shown)

Dr Ebright told DailyMail.com: ‘A laboratory-generated monkeypox virus… more lethal than, and as transmissible as, the monkeypox virus currently circulating in humans potentially likely would defeat protection by vaccines and likely would spread beyond current at-risk populations to the general population. ‘The risk-benefit ratio is essentially infinite, comprising potentially existential risks.’ Source: DailyMail.

In such a situation, the question arises: who is really striving for the good of mankind and who is interested in gaining an advantage in this hopeless struggle for more military potential? Who would truly sacrifice the lives of their own citizens for world domination without hesitation?

Why don’t globalists manage to create a virus that could terrify entire nations and make them obey their new rulers? The answer is simple: these would-be world rulers are backing the bad horse, the virus, whose existence has not yet been proven. There is also no scientific evidence of how infectious diseases spread.

We all have experiences with the flu. Someone around him was sick and infected others. That’s the reality. It is also a fact that, despite intensive research, there has been no convincing evidence of the spread of these diseases since the great Spanish flu epidemic. The theory of droplet infection is still a theory – so far no scientific evidence has been found to support its accuracy. The same applies to viruses. This theory could explain many diseases well, but it’s still a theory — until we find evidence to prove it’s correct.

The research in Wuhan was, of course, done by the Chinese. Certainly, the Wuhan lab had the approval of the Chinese Communist Party. However, the commission and funding for these experiments came from the Americans: Fauci, Daszak, etc.

If viruses aren’t considered living organisms because they’re dead, why do cleaners and disinfectants say they “kill viruses”?

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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