275. Weather
275. Weather

275. Weather

Wroclaw / Poland 8/16/2022

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No – I didn’t choose this topic for today due to the cucumber season and the lack of a more interesting topic to write about. There is no shortage of messages worth writing about that have been drowned out by the media. Today I’m looking at another “conspiracy theory” that isn’t a theory at all. Like most of them, it’s just a fact. Today’s topic is about manipulating the weather and using these techniques – as there are many – as weapons.

These technologies are commonly referred to as chemtrails. How are they made? Check out this video:

The first thing that came to mind after watching this short video was manipulation to prove the existence of chemitrails. Actions like this have happened many times before. The film is being shot from a second plane that flies alongside, but are the chemicals released real? I do not know. However, it’s a good introduction to the topic and whether it’s genuine you can judge for yourself after reading this article.

I found an interesting video that describes weather manipulation for military purposes well. Source.

It is not known when and on what terms YouTube removes videos, so to counteract this censorship I copied this video so that you can always watch it:

Also read an interesting article on this topic in a reputable journal like the American Meteorological Society AMS.

You can also influence the weather without flying directly on the ground:

This article, like most of this blog, will be available in three language versions: German, English and Polish. In each of these versions I present different videos on the topic. I encourage those who know these languages to read. Selection of the language version by clicking in this blog on:

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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