270. Planning for the future
270. Planning for the future

270. Planning for the future

Wroclaw /Poland 8/08/2022

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Can we plan the future? Of course – who forbids it? Each of us should at least think about our future.

Someone once said that if you don’t plan for the future, you leave it to those who do. This begs the question: How effective is future planning?

And that should be the topic of this post. In connection with the main topic of this blog, of course, which is scams on a global scale. In the article Where are we going, I described the causes of the current Great Depression. In summary, the reason for today’s collapse was – intentionally or unintentionally – the wrong monetary policy, primarily the US dollar. The current financial crisis is precisely the result of money management policies that have been in place for over 100 years.

What does that have to do with planning? Well it does. Those responsible for monetary policy have been aware of this situation and the impending collapse of the financial system for decades. They could and can influence the moment the crisis begins. The collapse of the current monetary system cannot be prevented by anyone alone. Since this is the case, it was decided to use the situation to take control of the whole world.

Conspiracy theory? Possible but hard to find today is a conspiracy theory that hasn’t materialized. I have written about the plandemic plans many times. Here are some facts from the German book “Inside Corona” by Thomas Röper.

The first, called Dark Winter, took place on June 22-23, 2001, and was funded by the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies conducted in conjunction with the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and other organizations. It was about a fictitious attack with smallpox, and in addition to Margaret Hamburg, the CIA chief and the chiefs of staff of the US armed forces were also involved. By the way, the US President was played by Sam Nunn, who founded the NTI (Nuclear Threat Initiative) together with Ted Turner at the same time.

The second Johns Hopkins University exercise was called “Atlantic Storm” and took place on January 14, 2005. Again it was about a bioweapon attack, this time Madeleine Albright played the US President. The business game was financed by the NTI, among others.

After a 12-year hiatus, Johns Hopkins University suddenly started holding such an exercise every year. In October 2017, the simulation game was called “SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028”. The results of the simulation game are online as a book, and anyone who reads this will find a striking one, especially in the strategies to encourage people to get vaccinated, the projection of the number of deaths and the quarantine measures similarity to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The simulation game “Clade X” followed in May 2018, in which Margaret Hamburg also took part again. This time became one Respiratory disease simulated by a laboratory virus that spreads worldwide as a pandemic. Travel bans were practiced again, and as a result of the game it was announced that vaccine production had to be accelerated.

You may have heard about the fifth simulation game, which took place in October 2019, just two months before the first outbreak of Covid-19 in China. It was called “Event 201” and simulated how a SARS virus jumps from bats to humans and triggers a worldwide pandemic. It even spoke of media censorship to suppress “misinformation” about the disease to prevent people from being unwilling to vaccinate. Basically the only difference to the real Covid 19 pandemic was that the virus in the simulation game did not appear in China but in Brazil.

The aforementioned book Inside Corona documents the involvement of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in organizing the plandemic. The planning has already been presented, now it’s time to analyze its effectiveness.

In the picture above you can clearly see how the planning department planned a place to write your own name. I would have limited confidence in such planning.

The globalists, or if you prefer the planners of the new world government, approached planning differently. These plans were started at least thirty years ago, a lot of money was invested in them, good specialists in the field of psychology, economics and geopolitics were hired. As can be seen in the examples above, manoeuvres, i.e. exercises, were organised. I used the word “maneuvers” because they were preparing for the war that was taking place against humanity. This war assumes a gradual seizure of power so that the future slaves don’t fully realize what the fight is about.

What did the planners do? They predicted very well that most people would support their propaganda and believe that those who claim anything other than official were Nazis, conspiracy theorists, etc. In the first two years it was possible to keep most people passive. But even the passive, constantly bombarded with propaganda lies, are starting to come to the conclusion that something is wrong here.

Today, the vast majority of people realize they are being scammed. Thus the effectiveness of the propaganda decreases from month to month. This was evident in the unsuccessful attempt to start a new monkeypox pandemic, cases of which — such as shingles, a side effect of vaccines misdiagnosed as smallpox — have resulted from mass vaccination since December 2021.

But this is a negative aspect of lie-based planning from the planners’ perspective. A serious problem is the internal power struggle in the world to come, which has by no means been resolved. This is due to both the skills and the characters of the people who drive this swamp. We don’t know much about these people. People like Soros and Gates are just useful suckers who are the first to be scapegoated when things go wrong. The true gray eminences stay in the shadows and pull the strings.

There are almost 8 billion of us in the world. We have a maximum of 8,000 opponents. So the ratio is one in a million in our favor. These criminals own about 70% of the world’s financial resources, which they appear to be using to wage this war. The situation is by no means clear. Our main weapon is human consciousness – that’s all that matters in this war. And every day brings us new conscious opponents of this war.

The vaccine wasn’t introduced because of Covid… Covid was introduced because of vaccines. When you realize this, everything else will make sense.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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